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Enepsigos – Wrath Of Wraths (Osmose)

A bit late getting to this one but the simple fact is that whilst the bigger labels and the commercial side of music is in a panic and pushing back releases the underground black metal world is parasitically spreading its… Continue Reading →

Vredehammer – Viperous (Indie Recordings)

With each release this Norwegian act has unleashed there has always been something different, a twist to keep fans engaged, but it is fair to say that this third album offers something above and beyond all previous sonic constructions. That… Continue Reading →

Nordjevel – Necrogenesis (Osmose Productions)

It is always nice to find a band during the early days of their career and support them with an air of smugness as the rest of the world (and by that I mean the metal underground!) eventually catches on…. Continue Reading →

Inferno Festival 2018 – Day 3, Oslo Norway 31/3/18

Saturday began with a lie in and a late breakfast before exploring Oslo a little more with a few beers along the way before returning to the hotel for the metal auction. As usual, this was hosted by Tore Bratseth… Continue Reading →

Doedsvangr – Satan Ov Suns (Immortal Frost Productions)

Tread carefully for we are about to enter the fields of death! Doedsvangr may well be a new name to us but the unholy triumvirate behind this cult are not. Lead singer of Nordjevel and Svartelder Doedadmiral, has collaborated with… Continue Reading →

Inferno Festival – Day 4 – Oslo, Norway 26/3/16

Saturday 26th March 2016 Awaking on Saturday morning I was feeling distinctly unwell not completely down to my alcohol intake but it certainly contributed to it. With another day of extremity to behold later I decided that wandering about today… Continue Reading →

Nordjevel – S/T (Osmose)

Formed as recently as the Spring of 2015, the Norwegian black metal entity known as Nordjevel has set out to establish its vision of how the genre and occultism should be merged with its self-titled debut. Joined by a certain… Continue Reading →

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