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Darkestrah – Turan (Osmose)

Hopefully Darkestrah should need no introduction by now to anyone who has a thing for bands combining eastern vibes with black metal. Luckily, though, Darkestrah is so much more than that. For the uninitiated – and at the risk of… Continue Reading →

The Wolves of Avalon – Across Corpses Grey (Godreah)

 Look, there’s not going to be any hiding this from you, so we’ll just as well get it out into the open now. “Across Corpses Grey” is a three track release, with a couple of cover versions (of Nokturnal Mortum,… Continue Reading →

Zgard – Totem (Svarga)

Zgard, with its resolutely Carpathian take on black metal, has always had obvious potential and has been quietly, in the background, constructing its legacy over the past three or four years. Totem again features former Nokturnal Mortum drummer Munruthel on… Continue Reading →

Khors – Night Falls onto the Front of Ours (Candelight)

Khors seem to have been carving a good reputation for a long time, treading a path of heathen black metal, so I was surprised to find out that their first album was not released until 2005. “Night Falls onto the… Continue Reading →

Crom Dubh – Heimweh (Ván)

It’s rare that I reach these levels of excitement about a pagan black metal release – in the same way as I did when I first heard all those early Kampfar, Falkenbach and Forefather releases. It’s not that I’m jaded… Continue Reading →

Twilightfall – The Energy of Soul (Svarga Music)

Formed in 2010 by Nokturnal Mortums’ lead guitarist Wortherax in Kharkov (Ukraine), Twilightfall is a melodic death metal band with plenty of keyboard accompaniment for that neoclassical edge they use as a great atmospheric enhancement. The title track “The Energy… Continue Reading →

Panychida – Grief For An Idol (Paragon Records)

There are definitely no false idols to be found on this album from pagan black Czech horde Panychida. On this their third album the group take us on quite an enthralling journey through 50 minutes worth of music that is… Continue Reading →

Munruthel – Yav, Nav i Prav (Gardarika)

This is one very welcome reissue as far as I am concerned as it is the only album from Ukrainian one man act Munruthel that has so far escaped me. The first album I heard was the successor to this… Continue Reading →

Munruthel – CREEDamage (Svarga)

I was thinking about who had got the most reviews on the site since it started a year ago. It should have no doubt been megalomaniac Devin who told me some time ago he was out from making music finito…. Continue Reading →

Munruthel – Epoch Of Aquarius (Svarga Music / Gardarika Musikk)

I was very happy to receive an invite to hear and review this album as it is quite the missing link in the artist’s repertoire and is considered a classic of Ukrainian Folk Pagan Metal. Of course Munruthel has been… Continue Reading →

VA – Voices From Valhalla: A Tribute To Bathory (Godreah)

I always look forward to getting things from cottage industry label Godreah. They do things the old way, putting out quality instead of quantity in the form of both eclectic bands and compilation discs. Like their Hawkwind tribute, the title… Continue Reading →

Munruthel – The Dark Saga (Blazing Productions)

Well this Dutch label have been very quiet of late and have apparently changed their mindset a bit releasing music focusing less on metal and more on ambient and synthesized based music. In the last year or so they have… Continue Reading →

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