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KEN mode – Success (Season Of Mist)

So I just got back in the saddle with reviewing, and I thought I would jump straight in the deep end. So I asked to review this band “KEN mode”, mainly on the basis that I have never heard them… Continue Reading →

Pord – Wild (Solar Flare)

Wondering just how to start this review I went for the tried and tested look up the band name and see if other than as a moniker it has any real meaning and discovered that according to Urban Dictionary it… Continue Reading →

Red Kunz – Teeth, Hair & Skin (Hummus Records)

I do like many of the releases that appear on underground independent labels, often run by bands themselves and Hummus records is very much like that. This promo I received is different, not a digital download, preferred by labels these… Continue Reading →

Sofy Major – Idolize (Solar Flare Records)

There’s an identity to the sound of this album. This is muddy, crusty, bluesy style rock metal from the USA, except that Sofy Major are French. It was recorded in the USA, however, with assistance in recording from guys involved… Continue Reading →

Lo! – Monstrorum Historia (Pelagic Records)

There is a tendency for us Europeans and shall we also say Stateside extreme metal aficionados to think that music arriving from South America, Oceania and Asia to view it as merely copying said established Euro and US counterparts which… Continue Reading →

KEN mode – Entrench (Season of Mist)

KEN mode isn’t the name of some dodgy East End jewellery trader, but is the name of a well-established post hardcore / noise rock band from Canada. I understand that KEN stands for “Kill Everyone Now”. “Entrench” may be their… Continue Reading →

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