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Nine Inch Nails

Mortiis- The Great Deceiver (Omnipresence)

Old pointy nose is back! Mortiis and friends return after a 5 year hiatus and he has even released a statement that the goblin mask is coming out of mothballs.  Good because this glorious electro industrial pop metal record deserves… Continue Reading →

Shining (Nor) – International Black Jazz Society (Spinefarm)

Those of us without a giddy disposition have possibly marvelled at a recent music video of Shining performing live at Trolltunga – The Devils Tongue which juts precariously off a mountain over a massive glaciated valley near Bergen Norway. It’s… Continue Reading →

Dead Soul – The Sheltering Sky (Century Media)

Dead Soul is, essentially Anders Landelius and Niels Nielsen and the never-to-be-trusted PR blurb goes on about delta blues, electronica, Johnny Cash and Nick Cave meeting Nine Inch Nails. ‘New ‘ and ‘exciting’ were also mentioned. Feeling like the lass… Continue Reading →

Deep Black – Nails (Van)

When the band are called Deep Black and the opening track is called “Nephillim” you make certain presumptions. My Merciful Release tattoo starts to itch and I can taste the acrid sweetness of snakebite and black at the back of… Continue Reading →

Jensen – Zero One Redux (Armalyte)

No young band on their first outing deserves to be saddled with the ridiculous hyperbole that Jensen were by one commentator, so it won’t be repeated here. I should say though that if I had heard this about seven years… Continue Reading →

Almost Human – ø (Suisa)

Not to be confused with various other ‘almost humans’ this lot are the Swiss version who simply class themselves as a metal band. Obviously there is a bit more to it than that as this nicely packaged card EP designed… Continue Reading →

Deadlock – The Arsonist (Napalm)

The Arsonist on Napalm, yep there could be many a pun used there and another in the form of what is it about Deadlock that literally sets me on fire? I mean this is a band I should hate, one… Continue Reading →

Shining – One One One (Indie)

If you walk into a record store, that is if you are lucky enough to have one in this day and age, wander over to the metal section; assuming that is if the staff have put this album in that… Continue Reading →

Nachtmystium – Silencing Machine (Century Media)

No doubt if you are a fan you have been hearing that the new Nachtmystium album is a departure from the psychedelic strangeness of the two ‘Black Meddle’ discs and a return to ‘Instinct Decay,’ even a natural follow up… Continue Reading →

Canaan – Of Prisoners, Wandering Souls and Cruel Fears (Eibon Records)

Not knowing much about this Italian group, from the description I was expecting some descent into utter Hell carved out by the collective sickness of something akin to Khanate meets the Axis of Perdition. Er… No. This is an altogether… Continue Reading →

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