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Entombed – Live Clandestine (Threeman Records)

Some reviews are easier than others, but when you are asked to retrospectively trawl back through the annals of time to offer your thoughts on a live version of what many would consider to be a stone cold classic, genre… Continue Reading →

Assatur – Where Chaos Reigned (Great Dane Records)

French label Great Dane Records have come to notice a few times in the last couple of years and have done a decent job in getting some underground death metal bands some exposure and, true to form, they’ve done it… Continue Reading →

Under the Church – Supernatural Punishment (Pulverised)

A second album so quickly? Well, maybe not actually quickly, given that their last record, the rather fun “Rabid Armageddon” came out in 2015. Still, I guess time does seem to work rather speedily when spent in the company of… Continue Reading →

Henry Kane – Den Forstorda Manniskans Rika (Transcending Obscurity)

I feel like a bit ignorant here, but I have no idea who Henry Kane is. I assume it’s a reference to something (maybe the graphic novel?), but it’s not one I’m au fait with. If any reader has an… Continue Reading →

Entombed A.D. – Dead Dawn (Century Media)

Well, the dust has well and truly settled on the whole “who is Entombed?” spectacle now, with this, the second album from ex-Entombed alumni coalescing around the name “Entombed A.D.” in a permanent line up.  I was quite taken with… Continue Reading →

Unleashed – Dawn of the Nine (Nuclear Blast)

Believe it or not,  this is full length studio album number twelve from Johnny Hedlund and his bunch of merry men. Considering they’ve had a career spanning over 25 years, I suppose you could say they’ve been fairly consistent to… Continue Reading →

Necrowretch – With Serpents Scourge (Century Media)

The sophomore offering by this French trio is as raw as it is extreme. The stripped down sound, buzzing guitars and hyper fast drumming are reminiscent of early 90’s black metal, but with the occasional melody thrown in for good… Continue Reading →

Lavatory – Morbid Terror (Pulverised)

‘Why me?’ I thought when I saw the band name…. I mean come on Pete, I’d just been feasting on some ‘Genital Putrefaction’ and now you’re sending me a band called ‘Lavatory’ (and no doubt giggling when you did it)…. Continue Reading →

Entombed A.D. – Back To The Front (Century Media)

I must say, I have mixed feelings about this whole Entombed saga. For a start my prediction of a reformation of Nihilist for a few gigs has yet to come into fruition, but in less selfish terms, generally these whole… Continue Reading →

Putrified – Sacrilegious Purification (Hellthrasher Productions)

Forget In Flames, forget Arch Enemy, forget Dark Tranquillity. This EP from one-man project Putrified (also Swedish), drags us kicking and screaming right back to the slimy, maggot-infested inception of the whole Swedish Death Metal scene, or at least that… Continue Reading →

Kingdom – Morbid Priest of Supreme Blasphemy (Hellthrasher Productions)

“Morbid Priest of Supreme Blasphemy”… FUCK YEAH! Now that’s a death metal album title if ever I heard one. Polish death metal crew Kingdom do not fuck around with their album titles, or their music for that matter. However, these… Continue Reading →

Interview – Entrapment

Having just released his blistering debut album, Entrapment’s Michel Jonker kindly offered to talk to Ave Noctum about his band, its influences and the death metal genre in general. Based on the crazed lunatic evident on his album, ‘The Obscurity… Continue Reading →

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