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Warhorns Festival – Rotherham The Trades 30/8/19

Day 1  So here we are, once more; the Warhorns travelling carnival of chaos as the organisers themselves described it, rolls into another new venue after the sad demise of last year’s glorious venue at Eggborough power station. Truncated to… Continue Reading →

Nightrage – Wolf To Man (Despotz)

Musical trends come and go, listening tastes develop over time and whilst someone may have not been able to get enough of the melodic death metal, Swedish shred of bands such as Arch Enemy and At The Gates in the… Continue Reading →

Loch Vostok – Strife (Vicisolum Records)

Reading the band and personal histories of Sweden’s Loch Vostok is like a real life soap opera, with tales of “loss, stress, sorrow and chaos”. That’s interesting because in both recorded and live form, this is a band which puts… Continue Reading →

Nightrage – The Puritan (Despotz Records)

Nightrage we meet again, it’s been a while too since last album Insidious came out via Lifeforce Records in 2011. They were with that label for several albums and before then Century Media for a couple so it does seem… Continue Reading →

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