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The Vice - XIII Years (S/R)

The Vice – XIII Years (S/R)

This E.P from Stockholm’s The Vice is 4 tracks of Nightbreed style Goth rock with hints of metal.  This trio layer on the atmosphere like the beer and sweat on the steps in the Slimelight (treacherous masonry that it is) . Rickard has a vocal style.. Read More
Wishmaster – Robert Kurtzman (Vestron Video)

Wishmaster – Robert Kurtzman (Vestron Video)

“Master! Apprentice! Heartborne, 7th Seeker Warrior! Disciple! In me the Wishmaster.” Ah no wrong section, get thee out of here Nightwish! Actually only the mighty belong and that’s Motorhead who get the closing credits song, but let’s go back and start at the beginning. I.. Read More