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Satan’s Wrath – Die Evil (Metal Blade)

Now I’ll start off by being honest here: I am no Satan’s Wrath’s expert. In fact, the main reason for volunteering to do a write-up of ‘Die Evil’ was my curiosity about their debut album, a copy of which I’ve… Continue Reading →

Midnight – No Mercy For Mayhem (Hell’s Headbangers)

More lust filth and sleaze from masked marauders Midnight and to say I had been looking forward to this second studio album following on from the excellent ‘Satanic Royalty’ of 2011 would be an understatement. Songs on that album were… Continue Reading →

Black Trip – Goin’ Under (SPV)

Originally released last year on vinyl, Sweden’s Black Trip for me personally were a great underground find. Their first 7 inch record ‘Tvar Dabla’ is still in demand and it’s increasingly hard to find now. Occult heavy metal in the… Continue Reading →

Hades Archer / Slaughtbbath – Circus of Abominations / Antichristos Thanatos (Iron Bonehead)

A split from two acts from Chile shows what is involved when playing truly vitriolic black metal that involves no pissing about with keyboards or silly arrangements, just a straight forward malevolent annihilation that begins with Hades Archer’s blackened thrash… Continue Reading →

Crest Of Darkness – In The Presence Of Death (My Kingdom)

Scary photos and talk of death must have frightened the original reviewer who was meant to be covering this one off, luckily I am made of sterner stuff and it is going to take more than a clan of sinister… Continue Reading →

Necocurse – Grip Of The Dead (Pulverised)

“Hellbutcher?! Is that you?” are my first thoughts as the debut album of Swedish death metal upstarts Necrocurse blasts from my brand new stereo. Surely there’s only one vocalist so interchangeable and recognizable at the same time… it’s glorious beyond… Continue Reading →

Satanic Bloodspraying – At The Mercy of Satan (Hells Headbangers)

Bursting out onto the scene is Bolivian bestial bastards Satanic Bloodspraying, whose back catalogue is zilch and contains only this debut which should already be out. There is scant information on the band, no Facebook, no MySpace, no official webpage… Continue Reading →

Ereb Altor – Gastrike (Napalm Records)

Just when you think you know a band, they go and change their spots. Some call this progress. Still others will no doubt nash their teeth, wail and go into over the top histrionics, bellowing at the skies, raging against… Continue Reading →

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