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Nick Cave

Raw – From the First Glass to the Grave (Aural)

When I saw the band was called Raw and they write songs titled Death waltz and Chopped Em Up I was expecting loud raging death metal. Thank fuck that is not what I got. Raw are a two piece from… Continue Reading →

Deep Black – Nails (Van)

When the band are called Deep Black and the opening track is called “Nephillim” you make certain presumptions. My Merciful Release tattoo starts to itch and I can taste the acrid sweetness of snakebite and black at the back of… Continue Reading →

King Dude – Songs of Flesh and Blood: In the Key of Light (Van)

King Dude has quite a colourful musical history; starting out in metal band before embarking on a solo career that would romanticise everything to do with the devil and all his demons. If we look back over TJ Cowgill’s earlier… Continue Reading →

Publicist UK – Forgive Yourself (Relapse)

When an album comes through for review that states “Recommended if you like… Joy Division”, it’s certain to draw my interest. In the case of Publicist UK (the UK part being a particular curse bestowed upon acts of a more…ahem…”gothic”… Continue Reading →

Year Of The Goat – The Unspeakable (Napalm)

Album number two from Swedish occult dark rockers, Year Of The Goat, comes with heaps of their usual melodrama plus a subtle blend of multiple genres. Each one is shot through with their own stylized affectations woven into more recognisable… Continue Reading →

The Midnight Ghost Train – Cold was the Ground (Napalm)

Topeka Kansas is the home to this trio of desert rockers. Comprising of Steve Moss on vox and guitar, Brandong Burghart on drums and Mike Boyne providing the four fat strings, these boys offer 11 dirty bluesy numbers via Napalm Records…. Continue Reading →

Manifest – ….And for this we should be damned (ViciSolum)

Manifest hail from Trondheim, their bio proclaims them “Thrash Metal From Hell” and having a reputation as one of the most dangerous live bands in Norway. Quite a big claim! This gives the album a lot to live up to…. Continue Reading →

Sleep Of Monsters – Produces Reason (Svart)

”The Sleep Of Monsters Produces Reason’ is a painting by Goya: As places to start that is a good one for new Finnish band Sleep Of Monsters and their dense, obscure, esoteric world but hugely accessible sound. Go take a… Continue Reading →

Bloody Hammers – Under Satan’s Sun (Napalm)

2014 is the third straight year that North Carolina’s own Bloody Hammers have produced a full length album, coming hard on the heels of their self titled 2012 début and last years Spiritual Relics, and during that time they have… Continue Reading →

Blood And Sun – White Storms Fall (Pesanta Urfolk)

Minnesotans Blood And Sun may or may not like the description (I have no idea, but some people can be touchy about it), but to me we are very, very firmly in neo-folk territory here. A bit of Weh, a… Continue Reading →

Mystons – Black Matter (V. R. Label)

As a matter of principle I tend to ignore blurb, and just say what I think about whatever music I’m sent. On this occasion, arriving as it did with a very well presented digipack I gave the PR a read,… Continue Reading →

Ash & Coal – Agnostica (Sounds Of Zilence)

There is something rather grimy about the name Ash And Coal and typing it into a search engine I keep getting directed towards images of thick tarry gloop spreading over areas of land and coating it in a filth where… Continue Reading →

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