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Winter Deluge – Degradation Renewal (Osmose Productions)

With two albums, an EP and demo already out this New Zealand act has been picked by Osmose for this EP of incendiary blackened malice that begins with ‘Mass Graves’. Capturing the essence of old school blackness the guitar sound… Continue Reading →

Ulcerate – Stare Into Death And Be Still (Debemur Morti)

Defying traditional genre conventions and carving out their own niche over the past two decades, the unveiling of a new Ulcerate album has become somewhat of a “big thing”. This time round, they’ve taken a step back from the abyssal… Continue Reading →

Barshasketh – S/T (World Terror Committee)

Most genres I tend to revel in all year round no matter the weather or temperament. Yet there is one that speaks to me mainly in the cold and frostbitten months, Black Metal. Befitting its sound and overall aura nothing… Continue Reading →

Lord of Solitude / Thronehammer – Vampire Bites Split (Church Within)

Church Within Records started a project of releasing a series of split EPs, starting with “The Church Within Vol. 1: Vampire Bites”, which features Lord Of Solitude from New Zealand and Thronehammer from the UK and Germany. The entire series… Continue Reading →

Verberis – Vorant Gnosis (Pulverised Records)

Verberis were spawned sometime in 2014 and have been somewhat of an enigma ever since. This latest release sees the band expose their souls in the form of just 2 tracks, yet they manage to span a monstrous 32 minutes…. Continue Reading →

Once Were Warriors – Lee Tamahori (Second Sight)

We used to scour the video shop looking for films to grab for a nights entertainment and always went to the new releases as a first stop, hoping to get something watchable or at least downright rubbish that we could… Continue Reading →

Bron – Where Leaden Dawn Meets Iron Shores (Wolfspell)

One man atmospheric black metal band Bron from Edinburgh via New Zealand have release quite a few things digitally but this is a classy digipak CD from those nice Wolfspell people of his late 2017 album. It’s long too, three… Continue Reading →

Vassafor – Malediction (Iron Bonehead)

It’s funny but I’ve been listening to a lot of late eighties, early nineties stuff recently for the usual confluence of synchronicity reasons. I say funny, but it’s just that it put me in the right mindset to approach NZ… Continue Reading →

Heresiarch – Death Ordinance (Dark Descent)

The last time I encountered the word Heresiarch in a musical context it was with cerebral epic metal clan Atlantean Kodex. It’s safe to say that the band Heresiarch draw no influences from that quarter of Bavaria, but it doesn’t… Continue Reading →

Vargafrost – Honour, Blood, Spirit and Love (Naturmacht)

Vargafrost has managed to perfectly join two parts of the black metal world into one intriguing release with Honour, Blood, Nature and Love (we’ll come back that that title shortly). Whereas some of the best heathen black metal I’ve heard… Continue Reading →

Deathgasm – Jason Lei Howden (Studiocanal)

A heavy metal horror film, should be right up our street. However past experiences of the limited sub-genre have proved this is not necessarily going to be the case. The problem being \\\metal/// per-se sets itself up for ridicule and… Continue Reading →

Creeping – Revenant (Iron Bonehead)

Purveyors of blackened doom since 2004, New Zealand’s Creeping come in to ‘Revenant’ with two well reviewed albums already under their collective belt. Now signed to Iron Bonehead for the vinyl release (Daemon Worship for the CD) of their latest… Continue Reading →

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