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Neuroma, Cognitive, Foetal Juice, BTK, Colpocleisis, Exhumation – Liverpool Maguires 01/09/18

Up and down the country, you hear the same story: venues are closing down and local music scenes are at times, struggling to keep going. In Liverpool, we have lost some great venues which had a rich history and to… Continue Reading →

Killing Addiction – Omega Factor (Xtreem)

The Florida Death Metal scene is one of those which can boast some titans in the genre. Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Six Feet Under, Death, Morbid Angel, Atheist and Hate Eternal are all well-known names and have helped define some aspects… Continue Reading →

Omnipotent Hysteria – Abattoir Of Slain Deities (New Standard Elite)

From the opening howl of feedback which brings in the first track of the album, “Cocooned Abomination” to the final moments of the closing track which is the title track of the release, “Abattoir Of Slain Deities” , this thirty-two… Continue Reading →

Cancerous Womb – It Came To This (Rising Nemesis Records)

For those who are unfamiliar with this lot, Cancerous Womb are a four piece brutal death metal/grind band who are predominantly based up in the cold reaches of Edinburgh with one token Scouser rounding out the line-up. The fearsome act… Continue Reading →

Crepitation – Violence Of The Slams (Amputated Vein)

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Crepitation, let me give you a very brief introduction. Featuring members who appear in or have appeared in: Neuroma, Cancerous Womb, Amputated, Disfortune, Kastrated and Scatorgy, Horrific Sexual Atrocity and many more, the… Continue Reading →

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