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Die Krupps – V Metal Machine Music (SPV)

Considering these Germans industrialists have been around since 1980, actual studio albums are quite a rare occurrence for them. Sure there have been stacks of releases such as singles, EP’s, compilations and anthologies such as the excellent 2007 Too Much… Continue Reading →

Tanzwut – Freitag der 13 (AFM)

Tanzwut are an interesting bunch. Originally formed as a side project of the grandiose medieval metal themed Corvus Corax, the “Dancing Rage” (direct translation) they have gone through a few shifts in musical style before reaching this point – pounding… Continue Reading →

Tanzwut – Eselsmesse(AFM)

Kind of a side project of members of Corvus Corax (I think), these German ‘medieval rock’ guys whose name translates as summat like ‘dancing feet’ and the album as ‘Donkey Fair’ (but I could be making an ass of myself… Continue Reading →

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