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Deathstorm – Reaping What is Left (High Roller)

Last time the Austrian Thrash machine that is Deathstorm struck, they were a palette cleanser of sorts, breaking up my retro-rock stoner/doom workload and reminding me that summer usually brings a whole horde of thrash riffs with it. This time,… Continue Reading →

Power Trip – Nightmare Logic (Southern Lord)

Hailing out of Dallas, Texas, Power Trip are a pretty intense thrash metal group. With a very prominent early 80’s thrash sound mixed with some crossover thrash influences and some touches of grindcore and powerviolence in terms of the rhythmic… Continue Reading →

Interview – Nervosa

Last August, I was lucky enough to do an in depth interview with Fernanda Lira, the vocalist and bassist one of the fast rising bands in thrash metal. For almost an hour we discussed things like her influences, her music… Continue Reading →

Nervosa – Agony (Napalm)

Well, to say I haven’t been sat there waiting for this since August last year when Fernanda Lira, bassist and vocalist for the Brazilian thrash power trio Nervosa told me they planned to hit the studio in the start of… Continue Reading →

Deathstorm – Blood Beneath The Crypts (High Roller)

Whilst I have enjoyed the recent surge in retro inspired stoner rock and doom which has appeared so far this year, there’s nothing quite like thrash and recently having had two thrash albums from Switchtense and Warfect, with a new… Continue Reading →

Körgull The Exterminator – Rebirth From The Ashes (Ván)

Hailing from the Catalan heartlands of Spain, Blackened Thrash merchants Körgull The Exterminator are all about that initial thrash sound. Taking their name from a Voivod track and citing influences such as Venom, Voivod, Slayer, Kreator, Posessed, Destruction and Sodom… Continue Reading →

Interview – Nervosa

  Before we crack on with this, here’s an author’s note/disclaimer: I’ve never done a sit down, face to face interview for a website before, so putting it bluntly, I was shitting myself all day. From waking up until the… Continue Reading →

Nervosa, Derision, The Bendal Interlude, Exiled, Reaper Lomax, Liverpool 16/08/15.

Nervosa are a band on the rise. After being virtually unknown outside of Brazil for their early years until Into Moshpit went viral on YouTube and helped garner the attention of Napalm Records, the Brazilian all female thrash power trio… Continue Reading →

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