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Autumn Tears – Colors Hidden Within The Gray (S/R)

After a ten year plus slumber the return of Autumn Tears with EP ‘The Origin Of Sleep’ was a more than welcome one. The neo-classical US based collective had really made their mark on the fringes of our musical world… Continue Reading →

Autumn Tears – The Origin Of Sleep (Dark Symphonies)

Well this is a welcome return and a (mellow) blast from the past. It has been 11 years since we last heard from neo-classical artists Autumn Tears and one could have been excused for having completely forgotten about them. I… Continue Reading →

Igorrr – Savage Sinusoid (Metal Blade)

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Igorrr, the one man band from France. With an early background in black and death metal, Igorrr aspires to “total music freedom” and has been active since 2005 in creating a hard-hitting… Continue Reading →

My Silent Wake – Invitation To Imperfection (Opa Loka)

It’s always good to be reminded that my reputation amongst my less musically anal retentive friends for having an encyclopaedic knowledge of metal is not really deserved. Case in point being doom band My Silent Wake, as to the best… Continue Reading →

Amber Asylum – Sin Eater (Prophecy)

My acquaintance with the Amber Asylum collective goes right back to their Frozen In Amber debut from the days when Terrorizer often reviewed such off the beaten path music as this, Diamanda Galas or weird Estonian early music groups playing… Continue Reading →

Spectral Lore / Nachtreich– The Quivering Lights (Bindrune)

After giving Spectral Lore’s album ‘III’ the top spot in my end of year rankings for 2014, I was, as you might expect, pretty bloody delighted to hear recently that they were planning to release a split at some point… Continue Reading →

Vanguard X Mortem – Neptune Fragrance (S/R)

Neptune Fragrance? Hmm, smells a bit fishy to me! Hahahahaha – Oh come on, like I’m the only reviewer who’s going to use THAT line? Besides, I reviewed VXM’s debut at the beginning of last year, so I feel I… Continue Reading →

Twilightfall – The Energy of Soul (Svarga Music)

Formed in 2010 by Nokturnal Mortums’ lead guitarist Wortherax in Kharkov (Ukraine), Twilightfall is a melodic death metal band with plenty of keyboard accompaniment for that neoclassical edge they use as a great atmospheric enhancement. The title track “The Energy… Continue Reading →

Woland – Hyperion (Indie)

The latest addition to the burgeoning Indie Recordings stable, Woland assail us with something of a bizarre mix-up of sounds on their debut full-length LP ‘Hyperion’. Theirs is a sound that is rooted in black metal, however Woland are unafraid… Continue Reading →

Dismal – Giostra di Vapore (Dreamcell11)

Dismal by name but one would hope not by nature. Luckily we can cut any such cliché out of the review straight off as this Italian combo are far from that. This has been a bit of a step back… Continue Reading →

I Shalt Become – Louisiana Voodoo (Saadi Saati)

I absolutely loved drinking in the rich atmospheric grimness of ‘Poison’ the last 2010 released album from Illinois based black metal entity S Holliman. It conveyed a huge depth of expression with a classical backbone swirling around eldritch black metal… Continue Reading →

Sombres Forets – La Mort Du Soleil (Sepulchral Productions)

It’s a sign of how impressed I am with the Quebecois metal noir scene that anything that Sepulchral Productions sends my way causes my hopes to rise. Even if I have never heard of the band, this is the case…. Continue Reading →

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