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Dee Calhoun – Godless (Argonauta Records)

It’s a simple and undeniable fact that I’ve had the privilege and joy of reviewing Dee Calhoun’s last two albums, ‘ Rotgut’ (2016) and ‘Go To The Devil’ (2018) for Ave Noctum (see reviews passim), and each time I’ve been… Continue Reading →

Trees – S/T (Svart)

Judging from the video to the song Out In The Open by the Finish band Trees, the world in still OK in Savonlinna, Finland. You see the band playing their folk rock, immersed in golden, autumnal light, in a house… Continue Reading →

Graveyard – Peace (Nuclear Blast)

It was a dark time many months ago when Graveyard called it quits. Mr. Finger-on-the-pulse as I am, I actually didn’t find out about their decision to split until 3 months after the announcement, by which time the band had… Continue Reading →

Dee Calhoun – Rotgut (Argonauta)

Dee Calhoun, aka Screaming Mad Dee, is without a doubt best known for currently fronting US Doom, with a capital “D”, stalwarts Iron Man, a band that should be essential listening for any worshipper of the down tuned riff. However,… Continue Reading →

Deadheads – Loadead (High Roller)

Is there something in the water in Sweden that means it produces more bands per capita than any other nation on Earth? From bouncy electronic bubblegum pop to the most demonic of corpse painted nun botherers, it sometimes feels as… Continue Reading →

Prong – Songs From The Black Hole (SPV)

Not only have Prong always been steadfast and reliable but of late they have been on fire. They played one of the most energetic and snappy sets of Bloodstock last year and last album ‘Ruining Lives’ cracked skulls and grooved… Continue Reading →

Zodiac – A Hiding Place (Napalm)

I’m genuinely not sure if it’s a good or bad thing when my first reaction to the opening track here, ‘Downtown’ has me going “Firebird!” I mean nice company to be sure, but such an immediate and strong connection? It… Continue Reading →

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