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Damnation Festival – Leeds University 2/11/12

You can tell how successful a festival is by the amount of people there and even as we enter the labyrinth Leeds University to negotiate the four stages that the event has been expanded to the first band on our… Continue Reading →

Negură Bunget – Gînd a-prins (Prophecy)

Aside from the EP release of ‘Poartă de dincolo’ back in 2011, all has been quiet on the NB front following multiple band rifts and a series of changes in members. When Sol Faur and Hupogrammos left after the release… Continue Reading →

Munruthel – Yav, Nav i Prav (Gardarika)

This is one very welcome reissue as far as I am concerned as it is the only album from Ukrainian one man act Munruthel that has so far escaped me. The first album I heard was the successor to this… Continue Reading →

Darkestrah – Manas (Osmose)

Epic black metal from Kzyrgistan here of all places (though now based in Germany), Darkestrah present an intriguing mix of grandiose atmospherics and folk inspiration on their fourth full-length ‘Manas’. Coming across as a mix of a more straightforward Negura… Continue Reading →

Interview – Dordeduh

Dordeduh are a relatively new band but the players within its ranks certainly are not. Following a split down the middle with Hupogrammos and Sol Faur somewhat unceremoniously leaving Negura Bunget this new division from Romania were formed. With both… Continue Reading →

Neokhrome – Perihelion (SR)

Well I guessed that Perihelion had something to do with astronomy and indeed it is the point that a planet or asteroid is nearest to the sun. The cover of the album here kind of gives that one away too…. Continue Reading →

Kuolemanlaakso – Uljas Uusi Maailma (Svart Records)

Cast your mind back to the last time you were due to sit an exam you had under-prepared for, henceforth resulting in last-minute revision cramming. Do you remember the ghastly sensation of reading over the same paragraphs again and again… Continue Reading →

Dordeduh – Dar De Duh (Prophecy)

Yes the band name and album title may sound like a tots first attempt at speech but it is a name that if you are seriously into atmospheric blackened metal should certainly be on the tip of your tongue. We… Continue Reading →

Spectral Lore – Sentinel (Stellar Auditorium Productions)

Ayloss, the man behind Spectral Lore, resides in Athens, but his latest effort sounds far removed from the traditional traits of Greek black metal, drawing instead upon a dense and dynamic Eastern-European aesthetic merged with a heavy dose of Nordic… Continue Reading →

Din Brad – Dor (Prophecy)

Let’s get one thing out of the way – when traditional or folk music meets heavy metal in all its guises, there are acres of ground between those that wear their plaid trousers with a misguided sense of pride and… Continue Reading →

Syn Ze Sase Tri – Sub Semnul Lupului (Code666)

Syn Ze Sase Tri are a Transylvanian band who feature ex-Negura Bunget man Corb (there’s a few to pick from these days) and this is their second full length, and their second with a seriously striking, vibrant warrior cover. Add… Continue Reading →

Llvme – Yia De Nuesu (My Kingdom Music)

With a name that sounds like a Welsh marriage proposal, Llvme are actually from the Leonese region of Spainand their name is the regional word for fire. Purveyors of the finest Leonese folk doom, Llvme perform entirely in their regional… Continue Reading →

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