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Dead Can Dance – Dionysus (PIAS Recordings)

A new Dead Can Dance album is a pretty major event, the cult act having just released 10 studio albums over a career stretching back to 1981. When it is accompanied with some rare live dates it is even more… Continue Reading →

Darkeater – Что помнит лес (Wolfspell Records)

Apathy, darkness and depression are the reported lyrical themes for this duo from Russia, and this is apparent in abundance in this latest release, ‘Что помнит лес’ Elijah and Kolodum collaborate with smoothness and precision, and create a whole mystical… Continue Reading →

Audn – Farvegir Fyrndar (Season Of Mist)

Iceland is fast emerging as a major power house in Scandinavian black metal, and while it has had plenty of bands boiling away under the surface, several of them are starting to burst into the forefront with a power which… Continue Reading →

Negura Bunget – Zi (Prophecy)

Since they started in 1995 Romanian act Negura Bunget have trodden one hell of a rocky road shedding around 25 members in the process. It’s enough to finish off many an act but sole surviving member Negru isn’t having any… Continue Reading →

Sunset in the 12th House – Mozaic (Prophecy)

Chill out music for the metal masses was something I alluded to two weeks ago, almost in jest, when I was reviewing a certain high quality and ethereally inclined funeral doom album. But I was surprised to so quickly come… Continue Reading →

Negura Bunget – Tău (Prophecy)

Tău is the first part of a planned trilogy with subsequent releases predicted for 2016 and 2108. Romanian band Negura Bunget simply do not do things by half, they never have and never will. With this you get so much… Continue Reading →

Selvans – Clangores Plenilunio (Avantgarde Music)

This EP is a posthumous release for drummer/vocalist Jonny to whom the remainder of the Italian band dedicate as a tribute. As they have gig dates in the diary for March, it would appear that the trio of Selvans Haruspex… Continue Reading →

Interview – Negura Bunget

Originally done as a news piece for Iron Fist Magazine founding member of Negura Bunget Negru had plenty to say in regards to new album Tău, the first part of a planned trilogy. One of his answers alone would have… Continue Reading →

Reverorum Ib Malacht – De Mysteris Dom Christi (Ajna Offensive)

OK, confession time – I listen to most of my music on my Ipod when travelling around. As much as I’d love to spend hours each evening huddled in front of my vinyl player with the lights dimmed, absorbing every… Continue Reading →

Bolzer – Soma (Invictus Productions)

In a short space of time, this Swiss two-piece have created serious, serious waves in the underground. Despite only having one official release out there, they are already being hailed as that old favourite, the ‘next big thing’ in Death… Continue Reading →

Thy Worshipper – Czarna Dzika Czerwien (Pagan Records)

Thy Worshipper are a Polish band with equal numbers of toes in the black, death and folk metal camps and a large number of line-up changes until we reach this, their second full length. It’s an odd album: Very nicely… Continue Reading →

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