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Negative Plane

Funereal Presence – Achatius (Sepulchral Voice)

Can genres ever really be reborn? I certainly believe so, after all I am a firm believer that genres never really die, there will always be someone out there drawing at least a small influence from a whole plethora of… Continue Reading →

Spite – Antimoshiach (Invictus)

No mosh, no core, no trends but fun, yes there is a fair bit of fun here, whether intentional or not. Spite continues a run I have been having of late with one man acts and this one hails from… Continue Reading →

Occultation – Silence in the Ancestral House (Invictus )

Here’s a little lesson for you in the complex language that is English.  The verb “to occult” has nothing to do with magic, but instead means for a light to go from on to off and back again, the reverse… Continue Reading →

Fatalism – Mystery Of Death (Eternal Death)

Interesting all round here. Firstly this EP was presented in a small clamshell case (as was one by Tare delivered with it) containing a mini 3” CD and a cassette both with the recorded material on. This is a really… Continue Reading →

Sabbath Assembly – Quaternity (Svart)

Whilst so many bands babble incessantly about Satan and declare their hatred towards God Sabbath Assembly have a direction that is like a breath of fresh air and go into depths far more fully and comprehensively than so many of… Continue Reading →

Funereal Presence – The Archer Takes Aim (Sepulchral Voice)

US black metal often struggles to get the same kudos as its European counterparts. Sure, USBM is not without its charge-leading anti-heroes but take any top fifty black metal albums and you’d struggle to find more than a couple of… Continue Reading →

Von – Satanic Blood (Von Records)

Oh Von. Von, Von, Von – never in the history of  black metal has so much been said about so few who have released so little. Two demos released in 1991 and 1992 has been the grand sum of their… Continue Reading →

Black Metal – Beyond The Darkness (Black Dog Publishing)

Indeed it is “a story that’s been told countless times before.” The origins of black metal as a musical art form are always going to stir interest from those both within and outside the scene. One wonders if centuries down… Continue Reading →

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