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The Blackwood Gathering – Fell Foot Wood, Cumbria 7-8/10/16

It’s fair to say that The Blackwood Gathering is not your average UK metal festival. Forget mainstream metal for the masses, dodgy burger vans and over priced watered down beer. This is how a music festival should be…. The Blackwood… Continue Reading →

Sturmtiger – World At War 1914 – 1918 (Black Plague Records)

I wasn’t so much as rather taken with Sturmtiger’s blistering take on blackened death metal on Atomic Hammer, as pulverised as it rolled over me unconcerned with what I thought. So, flattened but still enthusiastic I was really pleased when… Continue Reading →

Scutum Crux – The Second Sun (Immortal Frost Productions)

Taking their name from a stream of stars and matter from the trailing arm spiralling out towards the end of the milky way, Scutum Crux are a band that if you go to underground shows in London, chances are you… Continue Reading →

Sturmtiger – Atomic Hammer (Old Cemetery Records)

Subtlety, hidden meanings, ballads: Yeah that’s the red squishy mess left behind when Sturmtiger roll over those concepts. Look: They are called Sturmtiger, they have a member of Necrosadistic Goat Torture in their ranks, have a b&w picture of a… Continue Reading →

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