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Howling Sycamore – S/T (Prosthetic Records)

Do sycamores howl? Well, seeing who is involved with this, they probably do. The name, which stuck out for me, was Davide Tiso of Ephel Duath. This told me to expect highly challenging, indeed weird musical patterns. But it’s not… Continue Reading →

Divine Element -Thaurachs Of Borsu (I, Voidhanger)

Divine Element is the brainchild of two musicians from the south-eastern reaches of Europe. Formed in Athens but now based between Athens and Budapest, the duo consists of multi-instrumentalist Ayloss (Spectral Lore) and vocalist/bassist Alchemist. Featuring some session members who… Continue Reading →

Stench Price – S/T (Transcending Obscurity)

Avant-Garde Grind-Death…. Those are words I never imagined to see describing the sound of a band, but Stench Price have now brought that into the realms of reality. A truly international super-group of sorts, based out of Siberia for where… Continue Reading →

Neurogenic – Ouroboric Stagnation (Comatose Music)

The splicing together of both technical and brutal death metal always makes for an exciting listen. The chugging groove and harsh, guttural vocals of the brutal elements combined with the speed and ferocity of technical metal creates quite the explosive… Continue Reading →

Red Dawn – Algorithm of Destruction (Finisterian Dead End)

French tech-death five piece Red Dawn’s debut full length Algorithm of Destruction is a powerful tour de force of an album that all fans of the more complex and heavier side of the metal spectrum are bound to enjoy. Whether… Continue Reading →

Peripheral Cortex – Rupture (S/R)

If there is anything of note about music and 2016 is that this is clearly the year of the riff. With so much doom, stoner, retro and sludge digging their groove laden tendrils into everyone they can reach and making… Continue Reading →

Counter-World Experience – Pulsar (MIG Music)

To quote Rush’s six string extraordinaire Alex Lifeson during the band’s live renditions of ‘La Villa Strantiago’… “Jazz is weird”. I am inclined to agree too, not because the music just doesn’t appeal to me, but to put it bluntly,… Continue Reading →

Catarrhal – Fleshgrave (Great Dane)

Technical Death metal is arguably one of the most superior genres in the metal community. With its mature, highly developed sound and complex delivery of guitar solos, Tech-death is often the musician’s choice of metal to indulge in and thankfully,… Continue Reading →

Abiotic – Casuistry (Metal Blade)

Florida’s Abiotic present their second album “Casuistry”. Whatever “Casuistry” is, it seems to involve large portions of technical riffage in a decidedly death metal framework. It’s impossible not to come back to the word technical. Progressive patterns are interwoven into… Continue Reading →

Beyond Creation – Earthborn Evolution (Season Of Mist)

This Canadian band’s debut, “The Aura” hit me like a freight train when it hit my review pile in 2012 even though it had been released in 2011 by PRC Music. The version I had was a self released effort… Continue Reading →

Ephel Duath – Hemmed by Light, Shape by Darkness (Agonia)

The collaborators on this, the seventh album by Ephel Duath, have links with Joe Satriani and Necrophagist. On growly atmospheric vocals is Karyn Crisis and there are a couple of guest appearances from Mr Death Metal Erik Rutan, who is… Continue Reading →

Abriosis – Vessel ( SR)

When I unpacked the CD and read the leaflet, I thought, that my review was as good as done. The Canadian Deathsters, Abriosis, have a killer lineup and recently joining them in the most male dominated music is singer Alxs… Continue Reading →

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