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Okkultist – Reinventing Evil (Alma Mater Records)

So, you are a hard-working musician with a long career releasing records for your own band and some side projects. What else can you do with your time, write some books, produce some wine after all you are Portuguese? Well… Continue Reading →

Necrodeath – The Age Of Dead Christ (Scarlet / Terror From Hell)

Although Necrodeath have been going since 1985 it was after they took a ten year break that I originally discovered them through their comeback album Mater Of All Evil. It was hardly surprising our paths would cross due to the… Continue Reading →

Cadaveria / Necrodeath – Mondoscuro (Black Tears)

Cadaveria (herself) and Flegias of Necrodeath have worked together since the early 90’s when they were involved in cult Italian act Opera IX. They both left that band in 2001 stripping it of most of its identity in the process…. Continue Reading →

Cadaveria – Silence (Scarlet)

It’s always nice to hear new material from ex Opera IX vocalist Cadaveria and despite the album title there should be no worries as backed up by her Lynchian cohorts she has plenty to say here. Following up 2012 album… Continue Reading →

Crest Of Darkness – In The Presence Of Death (My Kingdom)

Scary photos and talk of death must have frightened the original reviewer who was meant to be covering this one off, luckily I am made of sterner stuff and it is going to take more than a clan of sinister… Continue Reading →

Emperor Tribute – In Honour Of Icon E (Metal Swamp)

Although I am of the somewhat contentious opinion that all covers bands should be shot, the odd cover song by an original band can be more than welcome and tribute albums like this can be very good if treated with… Continue Reading →

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