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Tanith – In Another Time (Metal Blade)

Certainly an apt album title! Tanith are really going for that “In Another Time” vibe (man…), and there is plenty about their sound that is indeed from another era. They are certainly not your usual Metal Blade type band (a… Continue Reading →

Oltretomba – The Horror – Figure Del Terrore (Moribund)

Are the theatrics of Black Metal dead? It’s a question I often ask myself. The early days had the raw untamed grimness of real life horrors, arson, murder and so forth. Then came the more mainstream times with big pompous… Continue Reading →

Horisont – About Time (Century Media)

Horisont are celebrating ten years in existence with this their fifth album and I’m very happy to say I’ve been with them all the way. Horisont love what they do and it always comes across in their progressive-tinged retro hard… Continue Reading →

Black Magician – The Pursuivant (Svart)

To a true black magician the line straddling the esoteric and ethereal is tenuous indeed. Equally blurred is the distinction between realms of imagination and fantasy. Tangential and limited by perception only is the border between the physical realm and… Continue Reading →

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