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Axis Of Despair – Contempt For Man (Southern Lord)

A bit of background here as this Swedish grindcore act has been around for about five years and has released two EPs during that time but also the band is comprised of three ex-members of Coldworker, Oskar Pålsson (bass), Joel… Continue Reading →

Rotten Sound – Suffer to Abuse (Season Of Mist)

I first became aware of Rotten Sound in 2000 when Still Psycho was released. I hadn’t listened to Grindcore since I bought From Enslavement to Obliteration when it came out. I was in for a blast – in many ways.  The… Continue Reading →

Necroblood – Collapse of the Human Race (Iron Bonehead / Amor Fati)

Necroblood’s first full length release Collapse of the Human Race is an absolute tour de force of an album. If wonderfully catastrophic blackened death with a smattering of grindcore thrown in is your thing, then Collapse of the Human Race… Continue Reading →

The Dead Goats – All Of Them Witches (Testimony Records)

I love me a bit of Swedish death metal, and when confronted with a lot of the modern, slam and beatdown laden, cookie cutter death metal bands, I find myself pretty bored at times, and longing for that classic Stockholm… Continue Reading →

Murder Made God – Enslaved (Comatose Music)

There’s something both deeply and fist bumpingly satisfying about well-crafted technical death metal. The immensely powerful riffs, ridiculously fast blast beats and aggressive, gravelly vocals. With their first release since 2013, Greek four piece Murder Made God have unleashed ravenous, Tech… Continue Reading →

Rotten Sound – Abuse to Suffer (Season of Mist)

At what stage does a band become an “institution”? I mean that word in the sense that a band becomes semi-legendary, and a real cornerstone in the genre or sub-genre that they inhabit? These Finns have been about since 1993,… Continue Reading →

Magrudergrind – II (Relapse)

Brooklyn, New York has spawned some iconic bands over the years across the rock and metal genres, ranging from Hardcore icons Biohazard to Gothic Metal titans Type O Negative and now you can add Grindcore three piece Magrudergrind to that… Continue Reading →

Implore – Depopulation (Pelagic)

Right – let’s get amongst it! Implore is a death / grind three piece from Germany. This is their debut LP and it’s fucking good! I could leave it there but the editor would not be too pleased. The band… Continue Reading →

Crucifyre – Black Magic Fire (Pulverised)

This is an interesting one – having a brief scan of the CVs of the members of this outfit reveals a host of interesting (and disparate) names: Afflicted, Nasum, Maze of Torment, Crematory, Kaamos and a fair few others. Having… Continue Reading →

Abaddon Incarnate – Pessimist (Candlelight)

Personally, it came as a bit of a surprise to discover that Abaddon Incarnate were releasing a new album. Unaware that they were still going, my last point of contact with the band was 2004’s ‘Dark Crusade’. While an extremely… Continue Reading →

Mumakil – Flies Will Starve (Relapse)

Every review I see about this band seems to focus on the derivation of their name which I am not going to do. It is four years since these Swiss grinders released “Behold The Failure” an album I still thoroughly… Continue Reading →

Nails – Abandon All Life (Southern Lord)

You might be forgiven for thinking that the warm southern Californian climate is an unlikely breeding ground for grindcore. Well, think again. Nails, from this very region and formed in 2007, are grindcore with a capital ‘G’. Having unleashed their… Continue Reading →

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