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Foscor – Les Irreals Visions (Season of Mist)

Foscor have been around as a band since 1997 but it was their last album “Those Horrors Wither” (2014) which captured my attention and made my top 10 for that year thanks to its dark and shadowy intrigue. I was… Continue Reading →

The Holeum – Negative Abyss (Lifeforce Records)

Eight tracks about inner conflict: that’s what this debut album from The Holeum is. “Eight hard-hitting tracks” would perhaps be a better description. “Chemical Ghosts” is strong, moody, atmospheric, spooky and a drum beat which conveys the message that any… Continue Reading →

Foscor – Those Horrors Wither (Alone Records)

I confess that I’d never heard of Foscor before but what struck me when I’d listened to a few minutes of this album was the impeccable balance they create in their music. This impression was based on “Whirl of Dread”,… Continue Reading →

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