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Unmensch – Scorn (Immortal Frost Productions)

I was surprised to learn that Unmensch hadn’t been snapped up as a name. It’s as it sounds. This is a cold and misanthropic black metal band from Belgium, with whom, we’re told, comparisons can be made with the likes… Continue Reading →

Firespawn – Abomination (Century Media Records)

There is a train of thought that when well established band members invest their time, skill and energy into a new project,that said ability can be spread too far, even when you have such elite members that comprise this Swedish… Continue Reading →

Anomalie – Integra (AOP Records)

The scene in Austria seems a little bit incestuous and anyone involved either on album or live with prime exports Harakiri For The Sky seems to be heavily involved in plenty of other projects and a good family tree between… Continue Reading →

Craft – White Noise And Black Metal (Season of Mist)

Vitriolic, malevolent, demonic and raw are all words which combine to provide us with this long awaited full-length release from these Swedish comrades of the black metal underworld. ‘White Noise And Black Metal’ is expelled onto us from this misanthropic… Continue Reading →

Inferno Festival 2018 – Warm up Gig and Inferno Day One, Oslo Norway 28-29/3/18

While most people sit around over the Easter weekend eating too much chocolate, a select few head to Oslo for 4 days of the best extreme metal on offer courtesy of the Inferno Festival, and for the 7th consecutive year,… Continue Reading →

Hegemon – The Hierarch (Season of Mist)

Hegemon have been around for a while now – two decades to be exact – shuffling around on the underground with a couple of half decent full-length releases before an album with Season of Mist in 2008. Contemptus Mundi also… Continue Reading →

Abyssal Vortex – Derelicts of Perdition (S/R)

With members from South East Asia and Europe, Abyssal Vortex are essentially an international super-group, comprising current and historic representation from Absence of the Sacred, Impiety, Rudra, Soilwork, Scarve and Aborted. The European connection is drummer Dirk Verbeuren who as… Continue Reading →

Bone Gnawer – Cannibal Crematorium (Pulverised)

The names ‘Kam Lee’ & ‘Rogga Johansson’ crop up a lot in the death metal business. Both gents practically drip in death metal cred and when you see their names attached to a project it tends to be a guarantee… Continue Reading →

Inferno Festival – Oslo, Norway – 1st April 2015

  Day One – Wednesday 1st April The 15th anniversary of Norway’s most prestigious metal festival had me saving up for months prior to descending upon it. The second incarnation of Blastfest held in February was also a tempting proposition… Continue Reading →

Karne – Faith in Flesh (Quality Steel)

In these times when some corners of the black metal scene feel a bit too much like the musical equivalent of a faithful old Labrador – great company for a cold winter evening walk in the woods but about as… Continue Reading →

Akrotheism – Behold the Son of Plagues (Odium)

The Norwegians may have got there first and the French carry the banner for the most adventurous and bizarre, but the Greeks, well, they just seem to do it better than anyone else. Exhibit A: Akrotheism, who may not be… Continue Reading →

Astrophobos – Remnants of Forgotten Horrors (Triumvirate Records)

`Remnants of Forgotten Horrors’ is a remarkably apt name for this, the debut album of Swedish band Astrophobos (named after an H.P. Lovecraft poem). This album absolutely and totally harks back to a time when this youthful band were probably … Continue Reading →

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