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Kawir – Adrasteia (Iron Bonehead)

With roots back to 1993 Greek veterans Kawir have had a studious history that is as historical as the themes and traditions they musically embrace. Leading them through thick and thin Therthonax has had almost 30 players both on album… Continue Reading →

Wardruna – Manchester Albert Hall 21/11/18

Wardruna originally formed in 2003 and between 2009 and 2016 released the ‘Runaljod’ trilogy to ever increasing critical acclaim, using traditional Nordic instruments and poetic metres to support whispering voices, chants and choral pieces creating rich musical landscapes. It goes… Continue Reading →

Svadilfare – Makt til Uskyld (Naturmacht Productions)

I have learnt from this expedition into Norwegian atmospheric black metal that Svadilfare is the name of a powerful horse in Norse mythology. “Makt til Uskyld” (Power of Innocence) certainly has a kick and is powerful. It’s interesting too. After… Continue Reading →

Helrunar / Árstíðir Lífsins – Fragments: A Mythological Excavation (Lupus Lounge)

Now this is a real treat. Germany’s black metal masters Helrunar and Icelandic bards Árstíðir Lífsins on one release. My main concern is that two bands with such a flare for atmospheric black metal won’t even have time to get… Continue Reading →

Purvaja – Dark Goddess Divine (Sonic Blast Media)

I’d experienced Vedic metal before and gained insight into this extremely dark form by listening to Rudra and interviewing the band’s highly intelligent leader Kathir. Where I was breaking new ground here was in reviewing metal from India. This seven… Continue Reading →

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