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Slidhr – The Futile Fires Of Man (Van Records)

One man projects in the Metal world may not be uncommon but they have always intrigued me. The sense of isolation from an individual, the thought that only a single solitary person has the willingness, desire and drive to create… Continue Reading →

Nidingr – The High Heat Licks Against Heaven (Indie)

This Norwegian group have always been about keeping things authentic and although they have been quiet since 2012 release ‘Greatest Of Deceivers’ it would appear they have been studying studiously in preparation for its follow up. Reading between the lines… Continue Reading →

Dolch – Demo I & II (Van)

Who says music can’t still have an aura of mystery about it in the internet age? You don’t just have to wear masks to have an air of intrigue about you either. Take Dolch for example. Not only do they… Continue Reading →

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