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Echolons))) – Idea Of A Labyrinth (Tonzonen Records)

German Progressive Rock quartet Echolons))) formed in the early 2000’s in Frankfurt Am Main and have a different approach to the one I prefer when it comes to the music they create on the Progressive Rock spectrum. Whereas I usually… Continue Reading →

Temples on Mars – S/T (Primordial Records)

My first encounter with London-based Temples on Mars was at ProgPower Europe this year. I learned that this London-based band was previously called Agent, hardly a stand-out name, and this is effectively a re-launch. After the band’s entertaining heavy melodic… Continue Reading →

The National Orchestra Of The Kingdom Of Goats – Huntress (UKoG Records)

Yeah OK I admit it I’d never heard of this herd of goats but the name and the self-description of “symphonic grind pop” kinda bleated out at me. They also perform in masks and face paint and call themselves things… Continue Reading →

Mother Of Millions – Sigma (ViciSolum)

Returning once again to cast their dark and captivating musical mastery over us all, Athenian five piece Mother Of Millions are set to unleash ‘Sigma’, their second full length release and follow up to the incredible debut offering ‘Human’ (2014)…. Continue Reading →

Darkher – Realms (Prophecy)

We have been waiting patiently to be taken into Dark(h)er Realms with this debut album following on from sublime EP release The Kingdom Field in 2014. Luckily a couple of enchanting live performances at Doom Over London and with Ahab… Continue Reading →

Birdeatsbaby, Gabby Young & Death In Texas – London Black Heart 18/6/15

It’s very colourful walking into The Black Heart this evening with a display of trippy feathered jewellery, masks and old photos on display at the side of the room. It’s still fairly thin on the ground but things have a… Continue Reading →

Madmans Esprit – Nacht (ATMF)

We should be used to the weird and wonderful emerging from the Far East by now. But South Korea’s Madmans Esprit still manage to sound like they discovered the idea with a strange and beautiful blend of metal that exists… Continue Reading →

Birdeatsbaby – The Bullet Within (Dead Round Eyes)

Subconsciously knowing that this was next on my review pile I had a really strange dream last night involving birds trying to eat babies. I guess looking at the band name one assumes that it is a human baby being… Continue Reading →

Cynic – Kindly Bent to Free Us (Season of Mist)

With this record seemingly hot on the heels of 2012’s splendid ‘Carbon Based Anatomy’ EP, it was with an element of surprise that this scribe learned that Cynic’s latest full-length ‘Kindly Bent to Free Us’ has actually been gestating away… Continue Reading →

Anaal Nathrakh – Vanitas (Candlelight)

When ‘The Codex Necro’ dropped in 2001 the raw blistering bludgeoning Anaal Nathrakh served up was by far a more severe punishment than any other band had delivered. The venom and scorn poured from the speakers and a new standard… Continue Reading →

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