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Malthusian – Across Deaths (Invictus)

Well let’s face it, this was never going to be pretty. Irish extremists Malthusian more than proved themselves with 2015 EP ‘Below The Hengiform’ as well as at various live eviscerations. They have been quiet for a while but now… Continue Reading →

Bell Witch – Mirror Reaper (Profound Lore)

Review a one track 83 minute doom track they said. It will be good for you and fun they said. Well actually they didn’t but curiosity got the better of me (and you know what they bloody well said about… Continue Reading →

Doom Over London Part 1 – London Dome 25/3/16

Easter Weekend and held over 3 days, Doom Over London hits town at a busy time that sees a stack of gigs as well as other festivals such as Inferno in Oslo and North Of The Wall in Glasgow. This… Continue Reading →

Dormant Inferno/Dionysus – Beyond Forgotten Shores (Transcending Obscurity)

Normally split albums serve as a sampler for a couple of unknown bands. These two bands may be unknown but this double cd is a substantial package. Dormant Inferno are from India while Dionysus hail from Pakistan. I can’t add… Continue Reading →

Malthusian – Below The Hengiform (Invictus)

Well having seen this band playing tracks from this release a couple of times it made perfect sense for their debut EP to end up straight on my review pile. Following up from their 2013 demo MMXIII this Irish band… Continue Reading →

Crypt of Silence – Beyond Shades (Solitude Productions)

Whilst the political drama continues to affect the country, it’s no surprise that the Ukraine create so many bands fuelled with melancholy and despair. It’s time to add Crypt Of Silence to the list, who after five years have put… Continue Reading →

Shattered Hope – Waters of Lethe (Solitude)

It was just a month or so ago whilst doing some high level procrastination (rearranging my CD collection) I happened upon my copy of Shattered Hope’s excellent debut album ‘Absence’ and I wondered what had happened to them since. Clearly… Continue Reading →

Mental Torment – On The Verge (Solitude)

Ukrainian newcomers Mental Torment are right at home on Solitude. As the cover would suggest, ‘On The Verge…’ is murky, despondent doom-death in the funereal vein, full of giant, crashing riffs and plunging dirges. The theme of the album is… Continue Reading →

Somnus Aeternus – On the Shores of Oblivion (Solitude Productions)

As a quick glance at the band name and record label should tell you, this is gloomy doom-death from Eastern Europe, in this case the Czech Republic. ‘On the Shores of Oblivion’ is the band’s first full length, and it… Continue Reading →

Amily – To All in Graves (Solitude Productions)

As the album title suggests, there’s a strong doom metal element in this work. Whilst occasional comparison can be drawn with My Dying Bride, Mourning Beloveth and so forth, Ukrainian band Amily create a broader base of patterns and progressions… Continue Reading →

Graveflower – Returning to the Primary Source (Solitude Productions)

‘Returning to the Primary Source’ is Graveflower’s first release, although it feels oddly like some overlooked and long out-of print relic, plucked from obscurity from some lofty shelf after years of gathering dust. This turns out to be at least… Continue Reading →

Mare Infinitum – Sea of Infinity

Artist: Mare Infinitum Title: Sea of  Infinity Type: Album Label: Solitude Productions From F. Dostoyevsky’s birth-town in the Russian Central District comes Mare Infinitum with a debut album entitled ‘Sea of Infinity’ – a rough translation of the band name,… Continue Reading →

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