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New Light Choir – Torchlight (Svart Records)

New Light Choir – Torchlight (Svart Records)

Many things came into my head while I was listening to this album, which is a good thing, but I cannot accept the claim that New Light Choir “are devoid of the trappings of retro worship”. I’d agree that “retro worship” is too strong a.. Read More
Therapy? - Manchester Gorilla 16/11/18

Therapy? – Manchester Gorilla 16/11/18

As I scale the steps leading into Manchester’s Gorilla, I am met with a wall of black clad backs and as I peer over the shoulders of the gathered masses, it’s clear to see that there isn’t an inch to be had between the throng.. Read More
Chrome Division – One Last Ride  (Nuclear Blast)

Chrome Division – One Last Ride (Nuclear Blast)

After fifteen years and five full length albums, Chrome Division are calling it a day and this, appropriately titled album is their last. Now if you’re not familiar with the band, they started life as a Motorhead inspired rock and roll side project for Dimmu.. Read More
Iron Lamb – Blue Haze (The Sign Records)

Iron Lamb – Blue Haze (The Sign Records)

Back in 2015 I had the pleasure of discovering Iron Lamb and writing up their second album “Fool’s Gold”. It was a super enjoyable blast of oily biker rock that, while fun, was a bit too close to Motorhead to get any points for originality... Read More
Blood Of The Sun – Blood's Thicker Than Love (Listenable Records)

Blood Of The Sun – Blood’s Thicker Than Love (Listenable Records)

“Alright!”  As an opening lyric, delivered with full on Kilmister growl, Blood Of The Sun not only pay tribute to a rock great, but set the scene of the whole album, where music is a celebration, and the band is front and centre to lead.. Read More
High On Fire -  Electric Messiah (eOne)

High On Fire – Electric Messiah (eOne)

To release one monster of an album in 2018 is no mean feat.  To do so with the wait of expectation from a rabid fanbase weighing like a concrete albatross is truly magnificent. For Matt Pike to follow up Sleeps’ “The Sciences” with a new High.. Read More
Slaegt – The Wheel (Van Records)

Slaegt – The Wheel (Van Records)

This month sees Slaegt launch their third full length in just four years. The Danish quartet project a quirky upbeat nature through their music, even on early releases which were more straight-forward black metal. “The Wheel” continues where last years “Domus Mysterium” left off, taking.. Read More
Earth Ship - Resonant Sun (Pelagic)

Earth Ship – Resonant Sun (Pelagic)

For the last few weeks, I’ve been mostly listening to music wallowing in misery, sickness and despair. Predominantly post metal and some experimental stuff. It agreed with me, but like someone eating the same meal every day for days on end, I got tired of.. Read More
Paranoid – Heavy Mental Fuck Up (The Sign)

Paranoid – Heavy Mental Fuck Up (The Sign)

Bands of this ilk are the reason I hurt my arm and damaged my pride 2 weeks ago. I am a portly man of 45 years who still cannot get past the idea that I cannot ride a skateboard. As part of my day job.. Read More
Supersuckers - Suck It (SPV)

Supersuckers – Suck It (SPV)

‘All Of The Time’ opens the 30th anniversary of this twelfth Supersuckers studio album with a bit of studio anger outtake. Which oddly for this most rocking of rawk n roll bands seems to run through this album. The song though is a typical bite.. Read More
Diabolic Force - Praise Of Satan (Hells Headbangers)

Diabolic Force – Praise Of Satan (Hells Headbangers)

Just recently I have been questioned many a time on the subject of trve Metal, what does it mean? How can you explain it? And so forth. So here and now I aim to explain my definition, in one comedic regard I often attribute a.. Read More
Butcher In The Fog - A Screaming Reflection (Sleight Of Hand Music)

Butcher In The Fog – A Screaming Reflection (Sleight Of Hand Music)

London trio Butcher In The Fog are a many headed beast. Taking elements of hardcore punk and throwing in helpings of head banging thrash with a touch of old fashioned doom metal, there’s something in there for everyone. I caught them live in early 2017.. Read More