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Dirty Connections – We Are The Night (FDA Records)

When a band’s debut album is called “Sextreme Dynamite” you know that said band are going to be very divisive. German 4-piece Dirty Connections are said band and their latest EP “We Are The Night” is their latest release after… Continue Reading →

Resurrection Kings – S/T (Frontiers)

Way back in 87 on the cusp of 14 I ventured into Our Price in North Finchley. There I purchased Constrictor by Alice Cooper. It started my path to the glorious darkside. I didn’t linger too long in the world… Continue Reading →

Interview – Diemonds

This phrase has been uttered so many times on here that you could invent a drinking game to it, but every now and then you do get a gem of an album which really shines compared to the usual stuff… Continue Reading →

Inside Metal…Pioneers of LA Hard Rock and Metal (Part 2) (Wienerworld)

This is the second in the series covering the LA hard rock and metal scene, this period covers 1975 to 1981. The format is the same as volume 1, lots of interviews with people who were around at the time… Continue Reading →

Uncle Sam – Heaven or Hollywood (Minotauro)

It ain’t easy being sleazy – or maybe it is. Uncle Sam were around for a hot minute (as they say) during the 80’s. Trying to get any info on them is tough even in these world wide webslung days…. Continue Reading →

Mach 22 – Sweet Talk intervention (S/R)

A whopping 3 thousand bands performed to win guitar Centre’s ‘On Stage with Slash’ The big haired, top hat wearing, cool as a cucumber chap picked the bands himself which would bag them a tour support slot at the house… Continue Reading →

Sister – Disguised Vultures (Metal Blade)

Stockholm has produced a lot of great bands over the years and Sister are another act to add to the Swedish capital’s resume.  This four piece have the sort of sound that “ I used to Fuck People Like you… Continue Reading →

69 Eyes – X (Nuclear Blast)

Those Finnish Dark Rock Vampire Sleaze Glam Metallers 69 Eyes have chosen to inflict their tenth gothic Metal-ish studio album on their predominantly female, predominantly young, predominantly gothic audience – considering which who can blame them? This is a band… Continue Reading →

Fozzy – Skin And Bones (Century Media)

Hello. My name is Kirsten and I am a Jericholic. Just in case you don’t already know, Chris Jericho, the lead singer of Fozzy, successfully combines his role as rock god with that of a multi time belt holder in… Continue Reading →

On Top – Top Heavy (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

On Top are a US“ power trio” who will apparently be suitable for fans of Motley Crue, Dokken, Queensryche, WASP and Dio? A sweeping statement, and to my ears rather inaccurate! This is dirty rock n roll, something that has… Continue Reading →

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