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Ancestral Lore – Behind The Night Horizon (S/R)

Nostalgia is something that can randomly hit any of the senses, sometimes when you least expect it. Music is a given for taking you back to a particular point of time and it is often a pleasure when listening to… Continue Reading →

Ophidian Forest – votive (Code666)

Ok I mostly picked this up through intrigue. Intrigue caused by an ex-guitarist running their original Facebook page, not having talked to them for five years, directing people to the new page and mumbling about not having a clue what… Continue Reading →

Interview – Mortiis

  To coincide with the release of the new version of his Secrets Of My Kingdom book, Ave Noctum had the chance to catch a few words with Håvard Ellefsen, aka Mortiis himself, and asked about Era 1, revisiting old… Continue Reading →

Mortiis (with Dayal Patterson) Secrets Of My Kingdom (Return To Dimensions Unknown) (Cult Never Dies)

Sometime in the mid-1990s the original of this book was released almost grudgingly by Mortiis’ then record company, and in a highly limited edition. This of course meant that it has been trading for well into three figures for decades,… Continue Reading →

Bron – Where Leaden Dawn Meets Iron Shores (Wolfspell)

One man atmospheric black metal band Bron from Edinburgh via New Zealand have release quite a few things digitally but this is a classy digipak CD from those nice Wolfspell people of his late 2017 album. It’s long too, three… Continue Reading →

Reptil – Throne Of Collapse (Razor Music)

The freaks are out with this German act of self-described “individuals,” who are certainly that. They seem to be led by a dreadlocked messiah who describes them as being either the biggest joy or biggest disaster in his life. Videos… Continue Reading →

Mortiis – The Great Corrupter (Omnipresence)

Just last year the Goblin King that isn’t Bowie released The Great Deceiver.  That collection of electrified cyber goth metal pelvic thrusted its cod pieced way into my albums of the year and tracks remain part of both my radio… Continue Reading →

Nachtzeit – Sagor I Natten (Nordvis)

I was having a good laugh (to myself as nobody else was listening) about the amount of requests coming in to review limited edition teenage kvlt misanthropy demos released around the festive season. I certainly don’t follow any traditional bullshit… Continue Reading →

Mortiis- The Great Deceiver (Omnipresence)

Old pointy nose is back! Mortiis and friends return after a 5 year hiatus and he has even released a statement that the goblin mask is coming out of mothballs.  Good because this glorious electro industrial pop metal record deserves… Continue Reading →

Grift – Syner (Nordvis)

Another Nordvis signing crossing my path, another name new to me. Grift are the vision of Swedish maestro Erik Gärdefors, his now solitary journey into the melancholic regions of blackened and doomed metal. Apparently inspired by the poets and artists… Continue Reading →

Valefor – Hidden In The Arms Of Death (Sabbathid Records)

This album, Valefor’s second full length, has been out a while, but as is the way with things it has only just made its way through the Ave Noctum gates. Being as it’s a one man Turkish depressive black metal… Continue Reading →

Die Toten Kehren Wieder Mit Dem Wind – Ein Wanderer (SR)

There are some albums that impress so much by their physical appearance that at the very least you know there is serious attention and involvement in your hands. This limited release is kind of special in its hand crafted presentation;… Continue Reading →

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