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Pyriphlegethon – The Murky Black of Eternal Night (Iron Bonehead)

Maurice “Mories” de Jong is a name well known within modern black metal circles – he is infamous for his ability to conjure spine chilling atmospheres using dense layers of eerie instrumentals for maximum effect. Gnaw Their Tongues, De Magia… Continue Reading →

Gnaw Their Tongues – Hymns For the Broken, Swollen and Silent (ConSouling Sounds)

Gnaw Their Tongues is an act that genuinely lives up to the stereotype of metal being scary. Returning with his 10th studio album, the man behind the madness, Mories, sets out to unnerve once more with ‘Hymns for the Broken,… Continue Reading →

Gnaw Their Tongues – Abyss Of Longing Throats (Crucial Blast)

Quick note before we start, you may have seen advertising for a collaboration album from this band “Gnaw Their Tongues” and the Uk’s equally twisted purveyors of filth “Dragged Into Sunlight”, but this is not that album, although for the… Continue Reading →

Aderlating – Gospel Of The Burning Idols (Malignant Records)

Ambient/noise stuff is an odd thing to review as you’re very much asking the question “what is this for….?” Is this mood music, a story, a film without images, a background soundscape? What exactly is it? Not sure I’m going… Continue Reading →

Alkerdeel – Morinde (Consouling Sounds)

It figures that on their website Alkerdeel have posted an album preview to a visual scene from Belgian horror film Calvaire (reviewed elsewhere on this site). This Belgian lot have made a point of noting that this release is in… Continue Reading →

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