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Cryptic Grave – S/T (Great Dane Records)

When this EP landed on my mat I took one look at the artwork and thought “oh bugger…… he knows I don’t like black metal much”. Old school black and white art with the usual skulls, moons, wonky symbols, tombstones… Continue Reading →

Disbelief – The Symbol of Death (Listenable Records)

Is it really seven years since Disbelief released “Heal!”? Time flies, I guess, and I remember enjoying it a fair bit when it was released, with their mid-tempo meat-and-potatoes take on death metal. One of Germany’s most reliable death metal… Continue Reading →

Deserted Fear – Dead Shores Rising (Century Media)

I reviewed “My Empire”, the stunning debut album by German death metallers Deserted Fear for another (lesser) website back in 2012. It was a killer debut made by some seriously talented lads. ‘Kingdom Of Worms’, their second (anyone using the… Continue Reading →

Neurotic Death Fest – 013 Tilburg Holland – 17-19 April

On Friday 17th April, the world’s death metal community had the tattered old carpet whipped violently out from under its feet, as it was announced that the twelfth edition of the awesome Neurotic Deathfest festival that was about to commence… Continue Reading →

Morgoth – Ungod (Century Media)

One of the phrases I hate reading in album reviews (and I know I’ve used it myself) is ‘this album doesn’t break new ground’. Well it’s death fucking metal mate, what do you expect? A One Direction cover? Seriously! Remember… Continue Reading →

Coldwar – Pantheist (Candlelight)

Four albums in and Ireland’s Coldwar takes some massive steps towards defining their own niche within the cosmos of death metal littered with the remnants of past stars and upcoming new proto stars and these guys shine far more brightly… Continue Reading →

Pentagram Chile – The Malefice (Cyclone Empire)

For a band that has been around for nearly three decades they sure have taken a long time to get their true full length debut despite more than a handful of demos and what not. My first experience with the… Continue Reading →

Skeletal Remains – Beyond The Flesh (FDA Rekotz)

I have been waiting for this album for a while now, Skeletal Remains had one hell of a demo (‘Desolate Isolation’) last year, and this debut album is highly anticipated. I agree whole heartedly with the PR material, fans of… Continue Reading →

Deserted Fear – My Empire (FDA Rekotz)

The renowned Dan Swanö has mixed and mastered this old school death metal album at Unisound so the sound is top rate, gnarly and drenched in gooey bass and drum slime from the off, which eventually starts with “The Battalion… Continue Reading →

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