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Another Destiny Project – Metodo Paranoico-Critico (SR)

Multi-instrumentalist Peter Pahor’s musical vision in very commendable indeed. He wants his project (that’s Another Destiny Project to you and me…) to be free in every sense. Free from boundaries, industry interference, greed, vanity, commerce – totally, and genuinely free…. Continue Reading →

Dark Man Shadow – Victim Of Negligence (Schwarzdorn)

Symphonic Black Metal… And there you go, half of you reading this have just thought, “Oh, another load of Cradle Of Filth/Dimmu Borgir wannabes”. Fair point. It feels like in the last 10 years the term has been synonymous with… Continue Reading →

Turisas – Turisas 2013 (Century Media)

Battle metal from Finland is already a winning concoction.  Originally named Köyliö back in 1997 but changing their moniker  to Turisas around 1998 to 1999 their name  apparently relates to a Sea Monster in Finnish Mythology.  The band have had a significant… Continue Reading →

Ecnephias – Necrogod (Aural)

There has always been a bit of a geographic conundrum involving Italian band Ecnephias but then again as this album is narratively focusing on ancient pre-Christian cults they could hardly have embraced their Roman origins here. Musically having heard them… Continue Reading →

Chaostar – Anomima (Season of Mist)

I first heard Chaostar in 1999, when their self-titled album was released shortly after Septic Flesh’s ‘Revolution DNA’ where there was a track with their band name. For those in the know, Chaostar was pretty much Septic Flesh as a… Continue Reading →

Moonspell & Insomnium – London Underworld 23/4/13

A good hint to bands going on tour, take Insomnium as support. It worked for Dark Tranquillity last time at this venue and did so tonight for Moonspell with both shows selling out. It was nice just having the two… Continue Reading →

Resonance Room – Untouchable Failure (My Kingdom Music)

Dark imagery is at the centre of this work by Resonance Room from Italy. The tones and structures are in the mould of Katatonia, Anathema and Moonspell, and there’s a leaning towards the progressive end of things. But what dominates… Continue Reading →

Moonspell – Alpha Noir (Napalm Records)

Credit where credit is due, Portugal’s Moonspell has had one of the most stable line ups in metal, with the core of the group going back to 1995 and before. Only the bassist is the new fish within the band… Continue Reading →

Llvme – Yia De Nuesu (My Kingdom Music)

With a name that sounds like a Welsh marriage proposal, Llvme are actually from the Leonese region of Spainand their name is the regional word for fire. Purveyors of the finest Leonese folk doom, Llvme perform entirely in their regional… Continue Reading →

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