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Moon and Azure Shadow – Age Of Darkness And Frost (Repose Records)

I was aware of US one man project of Sean Yoshioka, Moon And Azure Shadow before this landed but never got round to them. Here in Covid-19 isolation though, time is all I have and this beautiful A5 digipak arrived… Continue Reading →

Deviate Damaen – In Sanctitate Benignitatis Non Miseretur (Masked Dead Records)

Right. I speak not a word of Italian. Or German. I know literally a handful of individual words of Latin. So of course I’m reviewing this. Despite that I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the… Continue Reading →

Malvento – Pneuma (Third I Rex)

I should feel guilty for never coming across Malvento in their 20 odd years of existence but then again there are many “cult Italian” acts so shrouded in obscurity within the underground that there are no shortage of them to… Continue Reading →

Zifir – Kingdom Of Nothingness (Duplicate)

I have no idea what being a black metal band in Turkey is like, but if you believe news I suspect it must be increasingly difficult. Two piece Zifir though (Onur Onok and Nursuz respectively) have been doing this for… Continue Reading →

Emptiness – Not For Music (Season Of Mist)

Belgians Emptiness have been on the go since 1998 and this makes their fifth studio album and my first encounter. Yep, finger on the pulse as ever… Anyway, I gather they come from a kind of black/death background which on… Continue Reading →

Shining / Monumentum – Pale Colours / The River (Avantgarde / Blood Music)

One of many requests that we get in a week caught my attention stating “We know that in the jungle of promo links and releases to review as for today it might be not possible for you to cut some… Continue Reading →

Shining – Redefining Darkness (Spinefarm)

Yes this is the Swedish Shining and they do have a proper album title this time round and have dispensed with the numerology. In case you were wondering though this is album number VIII. I had a very good insight… Continue Reading →

Chaosweaver – Enter The Realm Of The Doppelgänger (Napalm)

Chaosweaver do look great; kinda like a bunch of malevolent faery Carny folk dreamt up by Neil Gaiman after he’s been ripped off at a fair.  It’s the kind of flair you rarely see and looking at the images I… Continue Reading →

Canaan – Of Prisoners, Wandering Souls and Cruel Fears (Eibon Records)

Not knowing much about this Italian group, from the description I was expecting some descent into utter Hell carved out by the collective sickness of something akin to Khanate meets the Axis of Perdition. Er… No. This is an altogether… Continue Reading →

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