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Raging Speedhorn / Monster Magnet – Split (H42 Records)

The annual London Desertfest is approaching. Held in various venues in Camden the 3 day festival takes place between the 29th April to the 1st May with nearly 60 bands playing. Included this year are Corrosion Of Conformity, Russian Circles,… Continue Reading →

Soon – Vol. 1 (Temple Of Torturous)

Atmospheric doom quartet Soon is the brainchild of Stuart McLamb and drummer Thomas Simpson. As purveyors of indie pop, their main project being The Love Language, it’s an unusual sidestep but is a most welcome one and offers up listeners… Continue Reading →

All Them Witches – Dying Surfer Meets His Maker (New West Records)

Direct from the recording studio of a remote mountainside cabin, hand-built by the band, perched above the fake glamour of Dollywood, here comes an utterly bewitching album of luxuriantly rich sounds. It draws its inspiration from across the dusty plains,… Continue Reading →

Hexvessel – When We Are Death (Century Media)

I have been a little starved of hearing the distinct dulcet tones of ex-patriot singer Matthew McNerney aka Kvohst of late. His Beastmilk project rebranded as Grave Pleasures have gained more mainstream success and latest album Dreamcrash didn’t see its… Continue Reading →

Crippled Black Phoenix – New Dark Age Tour EP (Season Of Mist)

Crippled Black Phoenix have always been a hard one to pin down to a single genre so its no surprise to find multi-instrumentalist Justin Greaves still warping any pre- or mis-conceptions we may have of his band. This long-playing EP… Continue Reading →

Reverted – Stripping the Worms (S/R)

I’m really in 2 minds about this album. While I was reasonably impressed by their début release because it turned out to be a hell of lot heavier than I thought it would be. This album is a stripped down… Continue Reading →

Prime Sinister – The Blackest Movie: Mammoth Extinction (Great Dane)

I received Prime Sinister’s debut album back in 2008 in a nice DVD case presentation box to boot. The French band impressed with a mix of styles that bordered on an eclectic range from doom, stoner, industrial, groove metal and… Continue Reading →

Monster Magnet – Cobras and Fire (The Mastermind Redux) (Napalm)

As a rule, I really don’t like “remix” albums. In the pop world, the word simply seems to indicate no more than a tweaking of the auto-tune and changing the beat of the drum machine. Even in the world of… Continue Reading →

High On Fire – Luminiferous (Century Media)

One band who undeniably create a weighty wall-of-sound, an earthy noise that explodes from fathoms below the surface, is High On Fire – they never were a band for the faint-hearted. Embedded into the driving whirlwind that is Des Kensel’s… Continue Reading →

The Atomic Bitchwax – Gravitron (Tee Pee)

When two thirds of the band are recording and touring with another band it is quite a feat to write and record an album as damn good and rockin’ as Gravitron. When that other band is Monster Magnet who famously… Continue Reading →

Profound Sleep – Keep It Alive (S/R)

The music industry is not what it once was, with major labels seemingly not willing to invest in new acts unless they are the vapid nonsense that currently passes for R’n’B, the product of some reality show, or a one… Continue Reading →

Black Hat Bones – High Gain Devil Rockers (Trailblazer)

Here we have some self-proclaimed rock ‘n’ roll heroes from Greece, yes that’s a bold PR statement, but marginally accurate! I listened to this release a few times long before I did some digging or read the PR material, I… Continue Reading →

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