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Deviate Damaen – In Sanctitate Benignitatis Non Miseretur (Masked Dead Records)

Right. I speak not a word of Italian. Or German. I know literally a handful of individual words of Latin. So of course I’m reviewing this. Despite that I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the… Continue Reading →

Blood Tsunami – Grave Condition (Soulseller)

Blood Tsunami’s members have been spread across various bands over the past few years. The Norwegian thrash outfit are now back in business and bring “Grave Condition” to the metal table as their latest offering five years after their last… Continue Reading →

Heretic – Underdogs Of The Underworld (Van)

Fifth album but these guys are sadly a new band to me, I confess. However when the PR says “Motörhead and the Misfits have an illegitimate son growing up listening to Celtic Frost and Slayer. This record sounds like that… Continue Reading →

Interview – Vesen

When the vicious new Vesen album ‘This Time It’s Personal’ had finished kicking me about the room like a soggy football I was rather suprised at how keen I was to interview them, and so Ave Noctum went out and… Continue Reading →

Vesen – This Time Its Personal (Soulseller)

Shit week, shit job (but , yeah, at least it is a job I know) and Vesen seem just the ticket: This is some unleashed rage and then some. Short opener ‘The Threat’ is an oddly muffled bit of bestial… Continue Reading →

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