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Ultha & White Ward – Zagreb, Mochvara, 14/10/2019

Although Monday is not a good day for a show, with the weekend just behind you and a whole week of getting up early before you, quite a few people decided that seeing White Ward and Ultha play at Zagreb’s… Continue Reading →

Mgla – Zagreb Mochvara 6/9/19

With some honourable exceptions, black metal bands seem to be avoiding South-Eastern Europe. For no reason really, as the sold out Mgla show in Zagreb proves. There are clubs and individuals that are perfectly able to organize and promote the… Continue Reading →

Lightning Bolt – Zagreb, Mochvara, 26/01/2019

Do I need to introduce Lightning Bolt? Probably not. Or maybe just a little bit, in case you don’t know them. Well, then, here are the basics: Lightning Bolt are two guys from Providence, Rhode Island. They have been around… Continue Reading →

The Ocean & Rosetta – Zagreb, Mochvara 17/11/18

Zagreb’s Mochvara had already filled up nicely when Rosetta started their show right at the announced time, or maybe five minutes later. It was bloody cold outside and nobody fancied drinking their beer on the club’s windy terrace. Rosetta certainly… Continue Reading →

Lvmen, Tomáš Palucha, Emphasis – Zagreb, Mochvara and Čakovec, Prostor 13-14/9/18

Lvmen are not about the light, as one might think. They’re probably rather about the lack thereof. They are not Born Again Christians (thank God) and not to be confused with a Russian rock band with a similar name. Although… Continue Reading →

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