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Melted Space – Darkening Light (Sensory)

Like Arjen Anthony Lucassen and Christofer Johnsson, French maestro Pierre Le Pape surrounds himself with a cast of many and goes down the symphonic rock opera route with various singers from both the sort of bands that you might well… Continue Reading →

Melted Space – The Great Lie (Sensory)

This album should have had me running to the hills screaming and trying to distance myself as far away from it as possible. Melted Space are a project that were originally formed by Pierre Le Pape of Wormfood and essentially… Continue Reading →

SlavEATgoD – The Skyline Fission (No Regrets Records)

An interesting intro to the second album release from this Athens-based band gives a suggestion of something djenty-progressive with electro touches. Such intros can be indicative of what follows or meaningless. Here it’s indicative, at least for the following two… Continue Reading →

Loch Vostok – V: The Doctrine Decoded (Vicisolum)

I was first alerted to Loch Vostok by a number of ProgPower goers. That was about three years when “Reveal No Secrets” came out. “V: The Doctrine Decoded” is their fifth album release. When I first heard the name, I… Continue Reading →

Sybreed – God is an Automaton (Listenable Records)

To much fanfare comes “God is an Automaton”. This is Sybreed’s fourth album. With influences such as Fear Factory, Meshuggah, In Flames and Depeche Mode, their brand of music is termed “death wave”, which amounts to a mix of extreme… Continue Reading →

Engel – Blood of Saints (Season of Mist)

As I listened to “Blood of Saints”, the penny, or as Engel are Swedish, the krona dropped. The style made me remember I’d seen Engel play live at the Forum inLondonin 2007 in support of Amon Amarth and Dimmu Borgir…. Continue Reading →

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