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Mist – Free Me of the Sun (Soulseller)

Ljubljana in Slovenia is not a city that springs to mind when it comes to Doom. In fact the only reason I have heard of this capital is because Laibach erupted from there decades ago. Unlike their fellow country folk… Continue Reading →

Hermodr – Midnight Eclipse (Wolfspell)

The midnight hour is one that Rafn the man behind Hermodr is at his most fevered and working up a storm in his musical laboratory. Well that’s the way I look at it as he can’t have enough hours in… Continue Reading →

Hermóðr – Hädanfärd (Wolfspell)

Swedish musician Rafn has been involved in no shortage of bands through his musical journey, from Abysmal Silence through Endless Woods and even with a bit of Sodomizing Christ going down. Hermóðr along with Mist and Deadlife seem to be… Continue Reading →

Mist – Inan (Soulseller)

Originally formed in 2012, this Slovenian Doom Metal band had an all-female line-up, something that changed when current lead guitarist, Blaz Tansek joined last year. This 4 track EP has a rerecorded song from their 2013 demo with the remainder… Continue Reading →

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