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Death Wolf – IV Come The Dark (Blooddawn Productions)

We all like a “side project” don’t we? When a well-known musician from a biggish band decides to branch out and do something a bit different to their day job. Sometimes….very different, sometimes not so much but I find it… Continue Reading →

Lesbian Bed Death – Born to Die on VHS (Psychophonic Records)

Now I have reviewed a few albums by bands with questionable names. I have also reviewed a few albums that champion the horror flicks of my youth. Freddy Kruger’s Underpants 2017 thrash offering “1981” offered some from column A and… Continue Reading →

Idle Hands – Mana (Eisenwald)

The inventiveness of the wider metal genre never ceases to amaze and delight me. Every once in a while, a band comes along that gives a familiar sound a new twist, a twist that I did not expect, making me… Continue Reading →

Deth Crux – Mutant Flesh (Aural)

Being a music nerd is more than being into one genre. As broad as Metal can be I cannot limit myself to that alone, and I’m not talking about dipping a toe into the likes of AC/DC, Rush or other… Continue Reading →

Vanik – II Dark Season (Shadow Kingdom Records)

Well it’s the right time of the year for this. Vanik is the live guitarist for black n filth metal noise mongers Midnight but it has to be said that this is very clearly a second cousin to that band,… Continue Reading →

Orange Goblin – The Wolf Bites Back (Candlelight Records)

It’s 2018 and in short order the majority of the mainstream folks I work with have been variously excited by the FA cup final, a royal wedding, the forthcoming Steps and Aqua show in Dundee (I shit you not folks!),… Continue Reading →

Danzig – Black Laden Crown (AFM)

What I find rather amusing is that a couple weeks ago I went on a Misfits and Samhain binge and was trying to see how many music videos they had. Most are live clips with a very young and very… Continue Reading →

Rotten UK – That Is Not Dead (Hells Headbangers)

UK82 inspired punk has to be a good thing. Doing it in style is another and this debut from Rotten UK packs a wallop. With the ever present risk of falling into mere imitation, it takes a quality band to… Continue Reading →

Deathwood – … And If It Were True? (Overdub Recordings)

If you look up ‘sucker’ on Wikipedia there’s probably a disambiguation page that says “See: Gizmo, always trying horror punk and always being disappointed .” Well halle-fucking-luja you can for once ignore that page: Deathwood nail it with a coffin… Continue Reading →

Heretic – Underdogs Of The Underworld (Van)

Fifth album but these guys are sadly a new band to me, I confess. However when the PR says “Motörhead and the Misfits have an illegitimate son growing up listening to Celtic Frost and Slayer. This record sounds like that… Continue Reading →

Therapy? – Spa Pavilion – Whitby Goth Weekend 22/4/16

Having been a punter (and occasional DJ) at the legendary Whitby Goth Weekend since 2007, Therapy?’s inclusion on the bill this April came as a bit of a surprise. Certainly one of the “bravest” moves from the organizers for quite… Continue Reading →

Danzig – Skeletons (Evillive)

I am increasingly of the opinion that if you look up Glen Danzig in some dictionary it will say ‘singer, cat lover, alleged collector of bricks, marmite’. Yeah there is a definite love or hate about him sadly. Heck even… Continue Reading →

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