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Misery Index

Misery Index – Rituals Of Power (Season Of Mist)

Grindcore, the ultimate amalgamation of both Metal and Punk. Spawned from a time when Thrash was becoming more accepted by Punks and the likes of Discharge and Crass were becoming more tolerated by Metalheads. For this reason Grindcore to me… Continue Reading →

Pig Destroyer – Head Cage (Relapse Records)

If you discount the 2013 EP “Mass & Volume” which was released as a fundraiser for a member of the Relapse Records team who had passed away and was written and recorded during the final day of the “Phantom Limb”… Continue Reading →

Cast The Stone – Empyrean Atrophy (Agonia Records)

I wasn’t familiar with Cast The Stone, prior to this EP flying into my slot. ”Crap name” I thought but a bit of research and a read of the promo blurb clobbered me with the knowledge that the band is… Continue Reading →

Theories – Regression (Metal Blade)

If we were to try to personify grind it would undoubtedly be Sloth from the Goonies – albeit scary looking and menacing on the surface, it’s actually fairly basic and ultimately harmless. Even boring sometimes, due to its cut and… Continue Reading →

Man Must Die – Peace Was Never An Option (Lifeforce)

I last encountered this Scottish band around their ‘The Human Condition’ release; their last effort did pass me by. What struck me about this band was the power and energy, they opened for Hate Eternal a while back and I… Continue Reading →

Interview – Hybrid

“Angst” is the second album release from the Spanish band Hybrid. Having been captivated by the mixture of the extreme, experimental and progressive and technical metal styles which all feature in this work, Andrew Doherty interviewed Iván Durán, the band’s… Continue Reading →

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