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The Joy Thieves – This Will Kill That (Armalyte Industries)

Could we have a new industrial super-group combo in the vein of Pigface? Well it would seem that way as The Joy Thieves have on the lead up to debut EP ‘This Will Kill That’ been naming names involved in… Continue Reading →

Achiote – Loneliness of Endless Days (V.R. Label)

OK, I admit it, I looked into the band, saw the words Finland and Melancholic, coupled with the title of the album and did rather leap to conclusions, expecting something along the lines of Sentenced, Charon, To/Die/For or even Amorphis…. Continue Reading →

Helhorse – Oh Death (Mighty Music/Target)

Danish band Helhorse have been making a good bit of noise in the scene recently and all sorts of people had been telling me to lend them an ear. So here we are and within seconds of the perfectly titled… Continue Reading →

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