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Midnight Odyssey

Death Comes Crawling – Looking For Semblance (I, Voidhanger)

Something different as we reach towards Yule. Dis Pater, of Midnight Odyssey fame amongst other projects, has always been an artist of singular vision and distinctive sound, and if you are a fan of Midnight Odyssey then the fact that… Continue Reading →

Lumnos – Ancient Shadows Of Saturn (Flowing Downward)

This is The first physical release by Brazilian musician Putrefactus after a few digital only ones and as the title suggests this is very much of the cosmic black metal variety. Even from the opening note, there is a huge… Continue Reading →

Iku Turso – The Great Tower (Wolfspell)

I do like a band who do exactly what it says on the tin. “Smell of black metal 90-95” goes the instruction on Iku Turso’s debut and there it is in all its pungent glory. Seriously. This is an international… Continue Reading →

Midnight Odyssey – Silhouettes Of Stars (I Voidhanger)

I missed the 2015 Shards Of Silver Fate album by Midnight Odyssey, the cosmic/ambient black metal project that Australian auteur Dis Pater chooses to express himself through; a situation I am going to have to correct. You see just before… Continue Reading →

Dissvarth – Between The Light And The Moon (I, Voidhanger)

Dissvarth’s starry-eyed debut is the latest from Australia’s extreme metal creative force Dis Pater  also known for Midnight Odyssey. In his other projects, Pater manages to blend his unique mix of black metal, funeral doom and keyboard-soaked ideas into boundless… Continue Reading →

Lustre – They Awoke The Scent Of Spring (ATMF)

I really like my ambient/atmospheric black metal. In part I guess it goes back to Burzum of course, but also Mortiis when Keiser Av En Dimension Ukjent came out and Akhenaton and, oh, stuff like that. The press release for… Continue Reading →

Tempestuous Fall – The Stars Would Not Awake You (I Voidhanger)

Tempestuous Fall. Another new name and one wrapped in grandeur and Classical allusion. Just a little peek behind the thick curtains and we catch a glimpse of the robed mastermind behind the heavy sobriquet; it is father Hades himself, the… Continue Reading →

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