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Desolation Angels – King (Dissonance)

Long time NWOBHM legends Desolation Angels have always been at the heavier end of the spectrum, if you have seen them live in recent years you will know what I mean. ‘King’ is the first release to feature Paul Taylor… Continue Reading →

Tytan – Justice Served (High Roller Records)

After witnessing a few live shows since their re-emergence, Tytan are more than your typical NWOBHM band. Their debut album may have come out a couple of years too late to be heralded as a major force in the original… Continue Reading →

Hamerex – The Last Ride (IX Music)

Finally, Yorkshire’s Hamerex have delivered a release I knew they could! That’s not to detract or belittle their previous material which has been covered on this site a few times before, no, but they have gone and developed and delivered… Continue Reading →

Grim Reaper, Midnight Messiah & Widow – London Water Rats 8/6/13

This was a terrific line up on paper and opening band Widow got the evening started with a bang. Widow are from North Carolina and this was their first trip to these shores and what an impression they made. Opener ‘Take… Continue Reading →

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