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Profanator – Fallen (FDA Records)

Mexican act Profanator are the final stab I got in my last reviews of this month and are by far the most progressive yet still inherently beastly on every song. This fourth album was actually out in 2018 on Mat… Continue Reading →

Cemican – In Ohtli Teoyohtica In Miquiztli (M Theory Audio)

Ancient civilisations such as Mayans and Incas are fertile breeding ground for bands to explore and do something a bit different musically incorporating both traditional sounding elements and narrative into their music. Unsurprisingly there are no shortage of Aztecs either… Continue Reading →

Hocico – Artificial Extinction (Out Of Line)

Back in the early 90s I was kind of isolated, walled in by the twin guard dogs of little if any money and pernicious mental health issues. Whilst I maintained a toe hold in my constant metal world, for reasons… Continue Reading →

Hacavitz – Nex Nihil (Moribund Records)

I’ve had a hit and miss relationship with Mexico’s Hacavitz since their bulldozing debut, “Venganza” surfaced in 2005. That relationship has seen a further three albums out of which I have preferred the 2010’s “Metztli Obscura” primarily because it was… Continue Reading →

Brujeria – Pocho Aztlan (Nuclear Blast)

16 years on from their second LP ‘Brujerizmo’ the masked, machete wielding, satanic Mexican bandidos are back and on top form with ‘Pocho Aztlan’. I’ve always been a fan of Brujeria, regardless of who was behind the masks. I remember… Continue Reading →

We Are The Flesh – Emiliano Rocha Minter (Arrow)

Mexico might not be the first place that you think of as a country prolific in making genre cinema. However with the high profile output of Guillermo del Toro whose career started with the excellent vampire flick Cronos in 1993… Continue Reading →

Majestic Downfall – …When Dead (Pulverised)

There’s very often something primal about metal from south Rio Grande and beyond into South America that leaves some of their equivalents in other parts of the world feeling distinctly light. Take Majestic Downfall, for example, based in Querétaro, Mexico,… Continue Reading →

Sorrowful – In The Rainfall (Solitude Productions)

Originally from León, Guanajuato, Mexico, the duo of I. Ishtar (Guitars and Drums) and Jorge Vergara (Vocals and Bass) relocated to Gothenburg, Sweden and have just released their first full length album on Solitude Productions. I don’t know about you,… Continue Reading →

Precaria – Precaria Ex Humanitas (Desavenencia)

Mexico isn’t the first place that you think of when it comes to hateful and nihilistic black metal, but it just might be, after you’ve heard this first full-length album from Precaria. Released last year in limited quantities, ‘Precaria Ex… Continue Reading →

Luciferian Rites – When The Light Dies (Moribund)

There’s something undeniably uplifting about those teeth-jarring riffs that Luciferian Rites have managed to put together on When The Light Dies. They are constant, bleak, ever evolving and very much in the classic vein of black metal. Which might mean… Continue Reading →

Infernal Conjuration – Death Has Appeared (Gruft Produktion)

There is a real whiff of brimstone, as well as grubby denim and sweaty leather about this one. Like many other bands across the globe, the wonderfully named Infernal Conjuration eschew the modern trends, sub-sub genres and nuances, and harken… Continue Reading →

Zombiefication – Procession through Infestation (Doomentia)

This Mexican band (now a full going concern rather than a studio/duo project) are no strangers to Ave Noctum, with this their third full length effort, Zombiefication are setting new standards for themselves whilst still being under the banner old… Continue Reading →

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