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Little Albert – Swamp King (Aural Music)

I was a lucky young man growing up. My local The Torrington in North Finchley , London put two gigs on a week that featured the great and the good of the rock and blues world past and present (late… Continue Reading →

Heilung, Seven That Spells, Messa – Roadburn Festival Tilburg Holland

Too little time, too many good bands to see! That about sums up the two days I spent at this year’s Roadburn festival. The three shows I’ve chosen to review might not look like the obvious choices, but taken together… Continue Reading →

Messa – Feast for Water (Aural Music)

Messa are a young band from Italy, and Feast for Water is their second album. In Italian messa means mass, as in religious ceremony. The mass the band celebrates on their new album revolves around water, the element in which… Continue Reading →

Messa – Belfry (Aural Music)

Who would not want “dark ambient drones with vintage heavy occult doom and mesmerizing female vocals that will drive you through a scarlet velvet trip”? That’s what’s offer from this Italian band whose influences range from Pentagram to Bathory. Messa… Continue Reading →

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