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Witherscape – The New Tomorrow (Century Media)

I picked up Witherscape’s first album ‘The Inheritance’ on an old fashioned whim after seeing it in an independent record shop (one of the few that remain), and then being drawn in by the cover, the suggestion on the cover… Continue Reading →

Crucifyre – Black Magic Fire (Pulverised)

This is an interesting one – having a brief scan of the CVs of the members of this outfit reveals a host of interesting (and disparate) names: Afflicted, Nasum, Maze of Torment, Crematory, Kaamos and a fair few others. Having… Continue Reading →

Black Trip – Goin’ Under (SPV)

Originally released last year on vinyl, Sweden’s Black Trip for me personally were a great underground find. Their first 7 inch record ‘Tvar Dabla’ is still in demand and it’s increasingly hard to find now. Occult heavy metal in the… Continue Reading →

Portrait – Crossroads (Metal Blade)

Love them or hate them for their style and often scribed emulation of a particular cult artist and group, Sweden’s Portrait know a thing or two about atmosphere, eerie atmosphere that is. With a fresh new recording line up in… Continue Reading →

The Oath – ST (Rise Above)

Hands up everyone who thinks there just aren’t enough ’70s occult rock’ bands around, female fronted or otherwise? Feeling lonely in the corner there? Good. Ok, the rest of you, hands up who thought The Oath slotted neatly into that… Continue Reading →

Morbus Chron – Sweven (Century Media)

So, Morbus Chron, a name which has been firmly embedding itself in the underground metal community’s consciousness over the last few years. As with so many bands that I’ve covered lately, they have until now just been a name for… Continue Reading →

Black Magic – Wizard’s Spell (High Roller Records)

Black Magic (Norway) may have already split up but this release takes in all their material recorded to date including their second demo ‘Reap of Evil’. Whilst live I wasn’t actually impressed at the Live Evil festival a couple of… Continue Reading →

Witch Cross – Axe To Grind (Hells Headbangers )

It’s been, quite literally, a lifetime since the last Witch Cross album. Back in 1984 metal was just metal and you wore long hair, jeans (most likely blue, I’m afraid), trainers and it was all about vinyl or maybe a… Continue Reading →

Raven Black Night – Barbarian Winter (Metal Blade)

A barbarian winter out of sunny Oz was a bit of a long shot for a band I knew nothing of but, billed as epic doom and previously having had an album out on Shadow Kingdom I thought ‘give it… Continue Reading →

In Solitude – S/T (Season of Mist)

Whilst I may well harp on about a lack of originality in bands these days, it is important to not forget those that have no interest in rewriting the rule book, but are happy to pay homage to the bands… Continue Reading →

Saturnus – Saturn in Ascension (Cyclone Empire)

As an early declaration of interest, I should say that I have more than a little love for Danish heavy metal. The Danes are less well known than their Scandinavian cousins when it comes to heavy metal, but truth be… Continue Reading →

Interview – Denial Of God

Danish black metal band Denial of God have been crafting horror-inspired nightmares for 21 years. Their latest album, ‘Death and the Beyond’, is a cold mortuary slab of dark art; one which is sure to appeal to fans of traditional… Continue Reading →

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