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Ancient – Back To The Land Of The Dead (Soulseller)

I haven’t listened to Ancient in years and the last album I had was ‘Night Visit’. I was going to say I’ve probably got some catching up to do now, but nope, this is the first thing Zel’s done in… Continue Reading →

Tranquillizer – Des Endes Anfang (S/R)

This debut album from Germany’s Tranquillizer gets off to a lively start. The greeting is a healthy dose of boisterous melodic blackened death metal. It’s perhaps a contradiction to describe black metal as “jolly” but “Eine Andere Welt” (An Another… Continue Reading →

At The Gates – At War With Reality (Century Media)

This is something a lot of us have been waiting a long time for. Back in 2008, the legendary Scandinavian death metal pioneers reformed for a series of festival dates and at that time, they announced that they weren’t going… Continue Reading →

Prayed And Betrayed – The Abundance of a Sickened Mind (S/R)

This 3 track EP by Finnish quintet is their third release, but first with the current line-up containing new bassist Otto Puusaari and vocalist Samuli Paananen. Their promo pack states they are a melodic death metal band, but the first… Continue Reading →

Onheil – Storm Is Coming (Cyclone Empire)

Apparently going since 1999, this is my first crossing of paths with Dutch band Onheil, who describe themselves as blackened thrash/heavy metal. Add ‘highly melodic’ in there and you’re about spot on. The melody comes mostly courtesy of Maidenesque guitar… Continue Reading →

Winger – Better Days Comin’ (Frontiers)

Winger? On Ave Noctum??? What’s the world coming to? Actually I thought something very similar when I heard their largely overlooked “Pull” album back in 1993. Reportedly feeling annoyed and misrepresented by Beavis and Butthead’s portrayal of the band as… Continue Reading →

Kayser – Read Your Enemy (Listenable)

I actually heard this bands “Kaiserhof” debut album years ago but forgot about it, so I gave it another spin to remind myself of what it was like and much like this new album Kayser play thrash metal and have… Continue Reading →

Not Above Evil – Psychosis, Rage and Rapture: The Journey Down (SR)

Labelling themselves a four-piece melodic death metal band based in Manchester, this four track EP is Not Above Evil’s third release to date. “From The Otherside” opens with a gently picked acoustic part and a bluesy electric guitar, making me… Continue Reading →

Mercenary – Through Our Darkest Days (NoiseArt Records)

Let’s face it. This sounds like Mercenary and no-one else. I’m very happy about that. In case you don’t know what Mercenary sound like, the phrase “melodic, aggressive thrash metal meets sophisticated power metal”, which remains on the label stuck… Continue Reading →

Unkind – Pelon Juuret (Relapse)

‘Melodic’ is a curious word to those of us drawn to less-than-mainstream stuff. I mean pop your average Beyonce fan down in front of something by, say, Chthonic or Selfless as recently reviewed varying examples and they’ll just hear some… Continue Reading →

Huntress – Starbound Beast (Napalm)

Following up from last year’s highly acclaimed debut ‘Spell Eater’, ‘Starbound Beast’ focuses more  on the cosmos this time around.  I have seen quite a bit of negative press based on their last release and in my mind it was… Continue Reading →

Mob Rules – Cannibal Nation (AFM Records)

While I may have never heard of this, dare I say it, mob before; I must admit that I’m glad to have become acquainted with them now. The German sextet has been around for nearly 2 decades now and have… Continue Reading →

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